The workplace of 2040: Mind control, holograms and biohacking are the future of business | February 5, 2015

WHAT will the workplace look like in 2040? Imagine remote working via hologram, commuting by jetpack, even controlling your office with your mind.

MYOB has released its ‘Future of Business: Australia 2040’ report, which examines the possible impact of emerging technologies on business and work over the next 25 years.

While all manner of business interactions will continue to be “formalised, automated and digitised”, the biggest effect will be on what we currently call ‘the workplace’, according to MYOB chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen.

Driven by the rising cost of energy and transport, the focus of 2040 will be the ‘suburban village’. “You will live, work, eat and learn primarily within walking distance of your house,” he writes.

Communities will pool their resources, people will trade with neighbours and list skills on local noticeboards, drones will deliver packages between communities or “even a coffee and a bagel to your current location”.

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5 Comments on "The workplace of 2040: Mind control, holograms and biohacking are the future of business"

  1. lannyboy1 | March 4, 2015 at 8:38 pm |

    Its obvious that only “old thinkers” like myself comment on this website. One thing for sure, I’d rather die an “old thinker”, than live in the world you technological nut cases envision!

  2. lannyboy1 | March 4, 2015 at 2:01 pm |

    Have you seen that latest “Digital Assistant”, Cortana? It has a face, it can speak, and it is conscious! There are other digital assistants out there too, 10 at least. Can you imagine a digital assistant assigned to each of the 10 world regions under the auspices of the IEEE? What if each of these digital assistants were given authority over what you do, where you go, what you say, or more importantly whether or not you can buy or sell? Oops! Did you say or post a comment that offended someone? Oops! Did you make a comment that doesn’t fit in with the perceived “new normal”? When you find out what’s going to happen to all who worship and serve “it” you won’t be happy! Oops! Did I offend anyone? TOUGH!

  3. Was watching the news today and they were talking about using your smart phone to locate you in an “911” emergency situation. Apparently, an app allows the “monitoring” agencies to locate your exact location within inches, that is, as long as you have your smart device in your hand. Imagine people having some type of electronic device on them which would do away with having to have a smart phone? Oh, they got plans for that, don’t cha know!

  4. Mind control, holograms and bio-hacking are already a reality! A little behind the curve, ain’t ya!

  5. Humanity isn’t going to make it to 2040.

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