Human to superhuman: Time to upgrade yourself

City AM | March 17, 2015

In two weeks the Science Museum is hosting You Have Been Upgraded, a festival exploring the future of human enhancement. The four day event will cover everything from brain hacking to digital implants, and will transport visitors to a future where a mysterious super-corporation, Unlimited Enhancement Technologies (UNET), has elevated biotechnologists to rock-star status. 

Created by the Science Museum in collaboration with immersive theatre company Unlimited Theatre, the festival presents a futuristic take on the life-changing technology currently being developed by leading scientists, artists and designers. Visitors can see the latest technologies across four key areas: high-tech prosthetics, neural implants, brain enhancers and sense augmentation devices.


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  1. mythoughtsalone2 | March 18, 2015 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    Wow, telling us what is really already happening………….

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