Compulsive Texting Takes Toll on Teenagers

New York Times | October 12, 2015

By Roni Caryn Rabin

Does your teenager have a texting problem?

Teenagers use text messaging more than any other mode of communication, so it may be hard to tell. But youngsters who check their phones continually, snap if you interrupt them and are so preoccupied with texting that they skip sleep and don’t get their work done may be compulsive texters, a new study says. For girls, compulsive texting is more than just a distraction – it is also associated with lower academic performance.

The study of more than 400 eighth and 11th graders found that many teenage texters had a lot in common with compulsive gamblers, including losing sleep because of texting, problems cutting back on texting and lying to cover up the amount of time they spent texting.

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  1. The evil purposes of those behind the creation of all this technology, and the creature they serve, is apparent to me. Increasingly, the point of view I have with regard to the real purposes of all this technology, is being marginalized and criminalized. The psychological tactics used to do this are obvious to me. Its going to a whole new level now though, as comments not “in line” with the “global communities” new “rules and guidelines” are not being allowed. Comments are being automatically removed and access to social networks is being denied by IT!

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