Obama: ‘Americans’ Suspicion Of Government Is Paralyzing’

Infowars | October 13, 2015

By Steve Watson

In a somewhat under the radar “interview,” The President made some candid comments that reveal more than usual regarding his end of office agenda, noting that he finds American’s common skepticism of government “paralyzing”.

In what is billed as a ‘conversation’ with with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson, for the November issue of The New York Review of Books, Obama bemoaned the notion that Americans’ “conceptions of government can get us in trouble.”

Speaking about his idea of ‘progress’, Obama noted:

“Whenever I hear people saying that our problems would be solved without government, I always want to tell them you need to go to some other countries where there really is no government.”

“Where the roads are never repaired, where nobody has facilitated electricity going everywhere even where it’s not economical.” Obama added.

“If, in fact, you think that government is the enemy. And that, too, is a running strain in our democracy. That’s sort of in our DNA. We’re suspicious of government as a tool of oppression. And that skepticism is healthy, but it can also be paralyzing when we’re trying to do big things together.” Obama stated.

So essentially, the president is saying that anyone who questions or opposes the government is holding back America from doing “big things”.

Perhaps those big things consist of arming known terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and opening the borders to them? Is it “paralyzing” when Americans take umbrage with those “big things”?

In further comments during the discussion, Obama seemed to take a huge swipe at Christianity, suggesting that Christians who take their religion the most seriously are prone to developing a mentality of “us versus them”.

“…sometimes I think you also get frustrated with kind of the wishy-washy, more liberal versions where anything goes,” Obama added.

“How do you reconcile the idea of faith being really important to you and you caring a lot about taking faith seriously with the fact that, at least in our democracy and our civic discourse, it seems as if folks who take religion the most seriously sometimes are also those who are suspicious of those not like them?”

Robinson chimed in, managing to strong arm in a swipe at Christians AND gun owners:

“I mean, when people are turning in on themselves — and God knows, arming themselves and so on — against the imagined other, they’re not taking their Christianity seriously.” she told the president.

So take note, Americans exercising your First and Second Amendment rights, as well as following the Founders’ advice to be skeptical of government, you are “paralyzing” Obama’s agenda.


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  1. Anyone who claims to be a Christian, which Obama does, who supports the LGBT and Trans-humanist agenda is NOT a true Christian. Any true Christian knows this.

  2. After 60 plus years of experiences, doing much research, and seeking the truth it is apparent the “government” upon which the U.S.A. was founded is opposed to the “doctrine of Christ”. George Washington even said the government of the United States of America is in no way founded upon the Christian Religion. Yesterday, 11/9/2015, on CNN, an argument took place between two men. A female reporter for CNN was in the middle of the conversation. The man on the left of the screen actually said what George Washington is quoted as saying, and said Obama was not a Christian. His voice was immediately muffled so no one could maker out what he was saying! The man on the right on the screen responded by claiming this is not true, and began to berate the man on the left. The woman in the middle became very uncomfortable and simply said of Obama, “He’s a Christian.” The entire report was stopped by a commercial break! America is not a “Christian nation”. Obama is not a Christian either. Those who claim the “government” of the U.S.A. is founded upon the Christian Religion, or Christian principles, along with Obama, are either deceived, or deceivers. The truth will come out, and is coming out.

  3. “…the government, the international aid agencies – they decide what method we should have, how many children we should have, and then they decide even what kind of contraceptive we should have, and then they dump on us all the rejected ones, new ones they test on our bodies and woman have no control over it.”

    Human Laboratory Documentary Transcript
    BBC Television: Horizon
    AIR DATE 5 November 1995


  4. Faith in humanity and faith in the promises of the Most High God are two separate faiths. Those who put their faith in the works of their hands, i.e., their scientific and technological solutions and innovations to resolve the “human problem”, do not put their faith in the promises of the Most High God as revealed by the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles. If you put your faith in humanity, you’ve made a huge mistake.

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