2018: The Year Of The Tech Takeover

HuffPost UK | Dec. 27, 2017

By Colin Bull

Tech is at the forefront of a cultural revolution, it is no longer a gizmo or a gadget that we play with; we now rely on tech to do our jobs, control our homes and cars, but also to keep us safe. Google’s Deep Mind launched an ethics group to focus on how AI is affecting our everyday lives and encourage public trust in emerging technology. The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced considerable UK investment in emerging technology in both the Spring and Autumn budgets, promoting the UK as a centre of excellence for AI development and seeing technology as the answer to the UK’s poor productivity levels. What could next year could bring?

1. AI will make a medical breakthrough

In the realms of the medical sector, software is capable of solving complex problems, which would take humans an inordinately long period of time to achieve. As AI becomes less dependent on computing capacity, I expect that next year we will see some major medical research breakthroughs with very limited AI learning.

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