Unprecedented Global “4th Turning” Unites The World Against Globalist Threat

Old-Thinker News | Feb. 6, 2018

By Daniel Taylor

Because of globalization and world-wide communication, 4th turning cycles around the globe appear to be synchronized and are in fact leading to a dramatic global crescendo.

A week after Donald Trump was elected, Old-Thinker News warned that the President was elected during a dangerous 4th turning historical cycle, while facing a presidency plagued by agitator George Soros.

All signs are pointing to the fact that America is in the midst of a 4th turning cycle.

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe document these historical patterns in their 1997 book The Fourth Turning.

A Fourth Turning (occurring approximately every 80 years) happens when national issues that have been boiling without resolution for years explode. “Subliminal fears… become urgent” heading into the Fourth Turning. During this revolutionary time, groups entrench themselves in the power structure to support it while others organize to resist it.

Famous Fourth Turnings of the past include: The Wars of the Roses (1459-1487), The American Revolution (1773-1794), The Civil War (1860-1865), and the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946)

A Global 4th Turning

Because of globalization and world-wide communication, 4th turning cycles around the globe – including many different countries, cultures and governments – appear to be synchronized and are in fact leading to a dramatic global crescendo.

Previous 4th turning revolutions were directed at the leadership of individual nations. Deadly wars were fought and a new era began afterwards. While this remains true now, the revolution is against Globalists who represent a power structure that threatens all nations equally, at the same moment in history. It is this threat that binds like minded traditionalist and nationalist individuals across the globe. It is a truly unprecedented time period in human history.

Fortunately, this war has been an information war so far. We should be thankful that we have the ability to take down entire establishment structures using instant communication technology at our fingertips. Our ancestors had to take up arms and shed their own blood when tyranny had a chance to metastasize.

Andrey Afanasyev, a Russian journalist and media personality, appeared on the Alex Jones show recently. Afanasyev stated that we are “…in a state of global civil war. It means that technically all the world now… is a battlefield of ideas…” between globalists and nationalists.

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  1. YOUR TO LATE FOR A TALKING WAR,the LORD told the men to stand up long ago,they haven’t and their not going to,THE WOMEN think their men,and the men think their women,this will be the worse bloodbath in history,the LORD says the WAR will go on 5 years,the first 3 years will be hard fighting,the last two years will be clean up,and it will have to be done,THE US MILITARY have been raising LARGE ANIMALS,A cross between a BEAR AND A LION,their breed to hunt humans,they can smell you a mile away,ALL these will have to be hunted down and killed,till then you won’t be able to let the children outside or they’ll be eaten,you better have really a lot of ammo..NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY WANT YOUR WEAPONS…..

  2. We don’t have the power to take down entire power establishment structures at our finger tips. That’s a really nieve thing to say. They created & own the instant communications devices, the satellites, the corporations, the patents, the spy & surveilance networks. Nothing we do with these contraptions has any success unless they allow it for their purposes. The only hope is God. Who is way above all of that.

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