FAIL: UK Officials Meet With Big Tech, “Russian Meddling” Claim Provides Excuse to Censor Alternative Media

Old-Thinker News | Feb. 7, 2018

By Daniel Taylor

Update 2/8/2018: YouTube exec tells parliamentary committee “we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the Brexit referendum”

George Soros recently signaled establishment-run campaign to “reign in” tech giants at Davos. Are we witnessing an attempt to undermine alternative media by claiming foreign governments manipulating social media algorithms?

According to the Chicago Tribune, members of the British Parliament are meeting In Washington D.C. this week to talk to Facebook, Google and Twitter about the spread of “fake news” on the platforms.

Speaking at Davos in January, billionaire globalist George Soros signaled a campaign to target the tech giants because of “…far-reaching adverse consequences on the functioning of democracy, particularly on the integrity of elections.”

As the Tribune claims, much of the discussion will surround “Russian meddling” in elections through Facebook, Google and Twitter. As reported, the meeting will look for ways to minimize the spread of the kind of “propaganda” that impacted Brexit and the 2016 U.S. elections.

This meeting is occurring as Youtube is rolling out a new campaign against “fake news” and state sponsored content.

Additionally, a recent report from the Guardian states that Democrat senator Mark Warner – The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee – is looking into Youtube’s algorithm, which he claims is open to “manipulation by bad actors, including foreign intelligence entities”. The claim is that the algorithm promoted content that “…were damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the months leading up to the 2016 election.”

Just as the Steele Dossier provided the excuse to investigate the Trump campaign, is the “Russian meddling” in social media claim providing an excuse to crack down on alternative media?

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