About the site:

With the fall of the mainstream press, and the rise of the alternative, individuals are seeking the information that was at one point controlled, given a spin job, or hidden from them. This being said, oldthinkernews.com seeks to provide the reader with this information. You will find articles from mainstream sources which are not given the spotlight of the nightly news, as well as other alternative sources. Here you will find a wide range of reports on current events, as well as historical perspective. Old-Thinker News attempts to provide valuable and unique analysis that will help maintain a well informed, free and active citizenry.

About Daniel Taylor:

Daniel Taylor is an independent researcher, activist, and webmaster of oldthinkernews.com. His articles have been published on most major alternative news websites. He has made a dedicated effort for the past decade to study the information that none of us was (or likely ever will be) taught in the public education system. The information presented on this website will help you gain a better understanding of our world, our society, and where we may be heading.

This information seems overwhelming; What can we do?

In all of my years of deep research into what has been called the “New World Order”, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to defeat this system we need to individually look at ourselves in the mirror.

There is a reason that military propaganda targets the willpower and determination of its targets. Half of the battle is in the mind and soul. There is a reason that our culture is saturated with degrading imagery and self-esteem destroying filth.

Our very human fiber is being targeted. Every day more people are coming to mirror the demoralized and decadent elite. This is not by accident.

Our solution lies in re-claiming our very soul and reconnecting with humanity. In every case civilizations fall when humanity is debased and loses touch with themselves, their neighbors and the wider world.

A note about the alternative media:

When researching the topics that this website covers, it is likely that you will encounter disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies. The alternative media is not immune to the same mistakes, bias, and other characteristics that have driven millions from the mainstream media. However, many alternative media outlets – including this website – do strive to cover the issues that the mainstream will not. There is truth to be found among the millions of pieces of information out there, it’s up to you to find it.


The information contained on this site is for your consideration, and is intended to broaden the horizons of the reader and to expose him/her to information that is not talked about or even considered in the mainstream. Viewpoints are not forced upon the reader. You, the reader, are trusted to discern for yourself, while browsing the pages of this website, what is true and untrue.

Oldthinkernews.com does not necessarily agree with, support, or endorse everything that is posted, or linked to on any of our pages. Viewpoints expressed in articles posted on this site do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of this website.

All articles by me (Daniel Taylor) may be reprinted without permission as long as full credit is given and a link to the original article is provided.

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