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Feminism Backlash: Media Programming, Endocrine Disruptors, Will Men Find Their Hearts Again?


Old-Thinker News | December 12, 2014

By Ariel Gail Maclean

In response to Paul Joseph Watson’s commentary on the “Sexodous”

When men and women save themselves in front of one another, eventually we will recognize one another, reach out for the other’s hand, and this path back into one another’s arms might save the human race in time

I am in the Third Stage / First Wave Feminism Backlash whereby not only are there rapidly shrinking age-appropriate males even alive, they are so NOT psycho-spiritually/emotionally available that the pool of prospective Love Partners is down to a virtual zero.

Trade Agreement Brings Frankenfoods to Europe; Biotech Lobby Backs Proposal to Allow States to Block GMO Crops With Special Permits


Old-Thinker News | December 9, 2014

By Daniel Taylor

U.S. officials say European fears “misguided” as EU moves to allow states to “opt out” of GM crop cultivation.

Ferguson Riots, Immigration Reform Framing Coming Civil War Around Race


Old-Thinker News | November 25, 2014

By Daniel Taylor

Media focus on racial division diverting anger away from tyrannical government

Chaos has engulfed Ferguson, Missouri as the mainstream media is directing national attention to divisive racial issues at a time of rising tyranny in America.

Interstellar: A Positive Message for Humanity at the Crossroads of History


Old-Thinker News | November 10, 2014

Can a generation rise out of this and reach for the stars? Can we cut through the programming and believe in ourselves again?

194 Countries Agree to Regulate Synthetic Biology


Old-Thinker News | October 30, 2014

By Daniel Taylor

The United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity recently announced a decision on part of 194 countries to regulate synthetic biology technology.

Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s


Old-Thinker News | October 20, 2014

By Daniel Taylor

“No records are available to confirm that the biological agents were destroyed.”

New Terror Narrative Emerging: ISIS Supports American Resistance


OLD-THINKER NEWS | August 22, 2014


In the ongoing effort by the establishment to demonize the Tea Party and resistance to an expanding federal government, a new narrative is emerging that could provide justification for a nation-wide crackdown on dissent.