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Take Charge of Your Health Now (Before the Government Does)

government health care

Old-Thinker News | November 3, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Radical changes to health insurance coverage in America have brought issues of health to the nation’s collective attention. Millions are now asking: Will I have health insurance? Will I be able to afford it? How will a nationwide doctor shortage impact me? There are few things that you have direct control of in your life; Your health is one of them.

Insurance companies are using manipulative ploys to get you “on the right path”. Under the guise of empowering individuals with information, these “nudges” often lead you right into the hands of the medical industrial complex.

The dictatorial health care model as expressed by Obamacare is being implemented as part of a larger global program. The World Health Organization announced last year that it hopes to implement – via a U.N. resolution – “universal health coverage” across the globe by 2015 in fulfillment of its Millennium Development Goals. The Rockefeller Foundation is working with WHO in the project. “There is a global movement towards UHC (Universal Health Care) and it is gathering momentum,” said Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The federal government’s “Behavioral Insight Teams” are seeking to subtly steer the public into falling in line with the establishment. These “Nudge Squads” are partly the creation of Cass Sunstein, the White House Information czar. The presupposition that this program is based on is that government knows best how to run your life. It knows what food you should eat, where you should get insurance, and dictates what you should believe about “conspiracy theories”.

In the hyper-connected digital world these “nudges” are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. In the November-December issue of The Futurist, Richard Yonck writes, “In a world of total connectivity, the rate at which a household consumes sugar, salt, tobacco, and alcohol would potentially be an open book to insurers seeking to control costs.”

What happens when government is wrong? Even if there were altruistic motives behind the drive to dictate what the masses should eat or believe there is an inherent danger with this mindset. What would happen if a centralized power with the ability to dictate the health habits of millions, self-assured in its own science and methods turned out to be wrong? Millions of people would be hurt.

It is up to you to take back your consciousness

Take care of your body now before the only doctors available are government approved death panels – and only issue government approved treatments that will be detrimental to your long term health and well being. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself because you have decided to, not because government social engineering has brainwashed you.

The establishment pushes genetically modified food, fluoride and artificial ingredients on the masses that are on record as being deadly. Parents are being told not to pack their own child’s lunch for school. This control freak mindset does not have your best interests at heart.

The bottom line is this: Are you eating real food, drinking clean water and exercising? All of these things are within your circle of influence. Take back your power from the establishment. As an independent human being your mind, body and spirit are your own. Rather than being dependent on outside influences, embody a spirit of independent resolve that will enable you to fight back against the pervasive influence of government manipulation.





Will Insurance Companies Use Smart Appliances to Monitor “Unhealthy” Habits?

internet of things

Old-Thinker News | October 22, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Since 2008 Old-Thinker News has been covering the rapidly advancing Internet of Things (IoT). According to CIA chief David Patraeus the IoT will have a monumental impact on “clandestine tradecraft.”

Consumer appliances are now becoming activated and “smart.” RFID chips and wireless internet connections enable devices like televisions, refrigerators, printers, and computers to communicate with each other and generally make life easier for us. This comes at a price, however. Your privacy is eliminated.

A detailed multi-dimensional image of our daily lives will be built with this system. Individuals to entire group dynamics will be tracked. It will be unparalleled in history. Everything from daily travel routes to eating habits will be traceable. Every day objects will be transmitting data 24/7.

Now, insurance companies are anticipating this hyper-connected future. Will they spy on your eating habits and hike your health insurance costs?

As Mike Adams reported in March of this year, grocery store loyalty cards are being tracked by insurance companies to deny claims and raise health insurance rates. As the Wall Street Journal reported in early 2013,

Your company already knows whether you’ve been taking your meds, getting your teeth cleaned and going for regular medical checkups. Now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers eat, where they shop and how much weight they’re putting on — and taking action to keep them in line.

In the November-December issue of The Futurist, Richard Yonck writes, “In a world of total connectivity, the rate at which a household consumes sugar, salt, tobacco, and alcohol would potentially be an open book to insurers seeking to control costs.”

With the internet of things, spying on “unhealthy” habits will be a cinch. Wi-fi enabled refrigerators will read RFID tags on grocery products that are placed your fridge, and in turn send that data to the internet cloud. Are you eating a government approved diet? Taking your meds? If not, you will be paying a price for it in this nightmarish science fiction future that is soon to be science fact.

America’s Greatness Rises and Falls With the Character of Her People

average citizenship

Old-Thinker News | October 17, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

“The stream will not permanently rise higher than the main source; and the main source of national power and national greatness is found in the average citizenship of the nation.” – Theodore Roosevelt

What should be expected of a citizen in a Democratic Republic? President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a timeless 1910 speech that sought to answer this question. Regardless of his politics, Roosevelt spoke undying truth in this speech. His words are shockingly relevant to our society today. As Roosevelt rightly stated; We – if our spirits are right – are the waters from which liberty and prosperity flow. Today, we must acknowledge that the waters have been poisoned; Poisoned by the natural tendencies of history, and by individuals seeking to push our society in a direction diametrically opposed to what our ancestors intended.

Roosevelt points out that under monarchies and systems of government consisting of few men, quality of character is vital for them; But for the average citizen who wielded no influence over his government, it mattered little if they were a saint or a scoundrel.

“Under other forms of government, under the rule of one man or very few men, the quality of the leaders is all-important. If, under such governments, the quality of the rulers is high enough, then the nations for generations lead a brilliant career, and add substantially to the sum of world achievement, no matter how low the quality of average citizen; because the average citizen is an almost negligible quantity in working out the final results of that type of national greatness.”

Historian Alexis de Tocqueville also noticed this phenomenon. In America – unlike ancient hereditary rule –  despotism no longer held lower classes in artificial societal cages. People seeking a new life were bound only by limits to endurance and willpower. Intelligence, self respect and good character were qualities that anyone could acquire, aiding in their progressive rise in society.

“When hereditary wealth, class privilege  and prerogatives of birth no longer exist and each person draws his strength only from himself, it becomes clear that… anything that serves to fortify, expand, or adorn the intellect immediately takes on great value.” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

This did not go un-noticed among the intelligentsia and elite ranks of society. When the United States declared independence, power monopolies were threatened unlike any other time in history. With the individual unchained in America’s great experiment, it would not be as easy to dominate the masses. Roosevelt keenly stated,

“A democratic republic such as ours – an effort to realize its full sense government by, of, and for the people – represents the most gigantic of all possible social experiments, the one fraught with great responsibilities alike for good and evil. The success of republics… means the glory, and our failure of despair, of mankind; and… for us the question of the quality of the individual citizen is supreme.”

In America’s open society, the pendulum can swing easily from good to evil. Natural historical cycles impact nations, but so do deliberate campaigns for revolutionary change. Whoever influences the masses changes the course of the nation at large.

Communist party goals, as outlined in 1963, have manifested systemically in the decades gone by. Whether or not you believe there is a conscious agenda behind the changes we are witnessing is irrelevant. As we can see with the examples below (of which there are many more), it is happening before our very eyes.

Just a few of the Communist goals:

  • “Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.””

Despite your personal views on the matter; Faith, particularly Christianity, has played a major role in the historical success of America despite our flaws. Historian Alexis de Tocqueville, a man who lost his religious zeal at a young age, was forced to admit that in early Christian America, “There is no better illustration of the usefulness and naturalness of religion, since the country where its influence is greatest today [in the early 1800’s] is also the country that is freest and most enlightened.” Tocqueville adds, “Once men stop worrying about what is to come when their lives are over, they lapse easily into that state of complete and brutish indifference to the future…”

  • “Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.”

The prevalence of pornography in today’s society is nothing short of shocking. Its impact on society is corrosive, which is why it must be promoted if a revolutionary group wants to alter the social landscape. According to the Washington Post, 1 in 6 women are addicted to porn. In 2004 Dr. Jill Manning testified before the U.S. Senate regarding the impact of pornography on marriage in the United States. She presented statistics gathered from lawyers around the country. She found that, “56 percent of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.” As Kevin Skinner writes in Psychology Today, “If half of the people divorcing claim pornography as the culprit, that means there are 500,000 marriages annually that are failing due to pornography.”

  • “Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.”

The Cloward–Piven strategy is going full force under the Obama administration. This socialist strategy, developed in 1966 by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, sought to push welfare on the masses in order to create division and economic crisis. A program of “wealth redistribution” is then presented as a solution. Under Obama, welfare is at an all time high. From 2007 to 2011 the number of food stamp recipients rose 70% to 45 million. A 1966 article published in the The Nation outlined the plan,

“A series of welfare drives in large cities would, we believe, impel action on a new federal program to distribute income, eliminating the present public welfare system and alleviating the abject poverty which it perpetrates… These disruptions would generate severe political strains, and deepen existing divisions among elements in the big-city Democratic coalition: the remaining white middle class, the white working-class ethnic groups and the growing minority poor… a national Democratic administration would be con-strained to advance a federal solution to poverty that would override local welfare failures, local class and racial conflicts and local revenue dilemmas. By the internal disruption of local bureaucratic practices, by the furor over public welfare poverty, and by the collapse of current financing arrangements, powerful forces can be generated for major economic reforms at the national level.”

Our system of government cannot function in the present day atmosphere of dependence and backwardness. This deliberately created decadent culture has facilitated and encouraged the evil side of humanity, and when it is expressed in all its horror – in mass shootings, food stamp riots, etc. – it is used to further erode our liberties. Roosevelt puts it another way “…if they [the people] grow to condone wickedness because the wicked man triumphs, they show their inability to understand that in the last analysis free institutions rest upon the character of citizenship, and that by such admiration of evil they prove themselves unfit for liberty.”

Activist Mark Dice has demonstrated vividly the decaying nature of American society. He successfully recruited people to sign a petition to include post birth abortion (infanticide) as part of Obamacare.

Another demonstration of societal decay happened this past Saturday. EBT cardholders in Louisiana raided Wal-Mart stores when they found out that they had essentially unlimited funds on the glitched cards.

My intention is not to paint a picture of a standardized “ideal citizen”. In a system of government that relies on the good character of its people to operate as it was intended, a certain standard must be voluntarily reached for by all. It must also be recognized that deliberate efforts have been and are currently being made to alter the character of our people in a manner that has negative implications for the entire nation, and in turn the world. In the midst of the current political upheaval and whispers of revolution, it is important to lay a foundation for future solutions.

Our solution starts with every individual in this country. Whether you are a high ranking businessman, teacher, journalist, or factory worker, you all can have an impact. For those in positions of leadership, it is hard to lift people up and enlighten them despite their flaws; It is much easier to permit total decadence and misery. The nature of the world enables this backward slide. Without any moral standing, the mega-banks and their acolytes have engaged in a deliberate campaign to drag the globe into a pit of despair while the elite have chosen to “manage” us and eventually eliminate us, rather than inspire mankind to a higher standard.

Ideas of individual integrity, self sufficiency and liberty weave the fabric of our solution. Private victory in our personal lives will lead to national success.



New Book Exposes Zombie Culture

age of disconnection2

Old-Thinker News | October 7, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor, independent activist, researcher and webmaster of, is proud to release his new book The Age of Disconnection – We are more wired than ever. But are we truly connected?

From cell phones to Google Glass, and eventually brain chips, technology is increasingly playing a major role in our lives. Previously unheard of disorders are appearing parallel to these trends. “Digital dementia” is beginning to plague young people across the developed world. A “new social awkwardness” is gripping their lives. Recent films like “Don Jon” and “Her” are beginning to inject some of the issues raised in The Age of Disconnection into popular culture.

The Age of Disconnection

The Age of Disconnection explores these new social phenomena associated with our addiction to technology.

Buy The book here

Also available in E-Book format

The technological elite plan to make these individuals – who they see as a generation of “easily deceived barbarians” that are unfit for the future – and the rest of the human race, obsolete. Human connection is fading in the technological era while the age of robotics rapidly approaches.

In The Age of Disconnection, you will learn the secrets to staying truly connected in a wired world.

Excerpt from The Age of Disconnection:

As a society we are increasingly finding ourselves in a passive observer mode. We watch what our friends are doing on our facebook feed, which, to our dismay, often makes us feel inadequate in comparison. We watch eagerly for the next viral video. We model ourselves after scripted characters on television instead of creating ourselves. What are you adding to the world? Turn the TV off for a while and re-discover the world around you. Let your thoughts (about yourself, others, and the world) be your own, not suggested by someone else. Own your consciousness.

What would happen if the internet and all of the devices that rely on it to function were to be shut off for a week? Outside of the economic impact, what would people feel like? Would we go into withdrawal like a hardcore cocaine addict? Do we still know what to do with our free time without it?

Technology (and how we use it) reveals the deeper things of the human soul.”

 The Age of Disconnection is now available on,, and in E-book form. It is now available for purchase on

Economic Collapse and the Debt Ceiling: The 4th Turning is Here


Old-Thinker News | October 5, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

There are two distinct sectors of society emerging. One is buzzing with passion and new insights in the nature of our society and government. They are proactively using this knowledge to better the world (and themselves) in any way they can. Revolution is whispering in the wind. The other is passively reacting to things that are happening to them. They are becoming increasingly compliant with an overbearing, tyrannical government. Without a foundation, they go whichever way the wind blows.

History has shown us a societal situation like this before. During what are called “4th turnings” groups entrench themselves in the power structure and in support of it, and others organize to resist it. Famous Fourth Turnings of the past include: The Wars of the Roses (1459-1487), The American Revolution (1773-1794), The Civil War (1860-1865), and the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946)

History is made up of highs and lows. During a high, government and institutions are built up while values are established and commonly held. Another generation is born and these institutions are questioned and undermined. Then, an “unraveling” era unfolds.

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe document these patterns in their 1997 book The Fourth Turning. The book reminds us that the old adage “There is nothing new under the sun” is truly rooted in fact. The issues that we are facing today – with new faces and slightly different angles – are the same realities that our ancestors dealt with during their times of crisis.

“History is seasonal,” write Strauss and Howe, “…and winter is coming.” “Like nature’s winter, the saecular winter can come early or late. A Fourth Turning can be long and difficult, brief but severe, or (perhaps) mild. But, like winter, it cannot be averted. It must come in its turn.”

As a society we are sensing the coming winter and (hopefully) preparing accordingly, just as past generations did at their time of crisis. Government is certainly preparing for massive upheaval just in time for the arrival of the Fourth Turning. As Strauss and Howe point out, the outcome of this season of radical change and potential destruction is up to us.

The authors accurately predict in 1996 that one of the indicators of modern America’s Fourth Turning will be:

An impasse over the federal budget reaches a stalemate. The president and Congress both refuse to back down, triggering a near-total government shutdown. The president declares emergency powers. Congress rescinds his authority. Dollar and bond prices plummet. The president threatens to stop Social Security checks. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panics.”

All of the indicators are in front of us. The new generation has forgotten the lessons of the past. An entrenched elite is refusing to back down. The global economy is teetering on the brink of collapse. The human capacity for intuiting danger is raising red flags across the board. Resistance is growing. The cycle is repeating.



Alfred Hitchcock’s 1942 Film “Saboteur” Portrays False Flag Staging Elite


Old-Thinker News | September 24, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1942 film “Saboteur” portrays with haunting accuracy the true nature of the Anglo-American Establishment. It is a classic case of art imitating life.

In the film, a shadowy organization known as “The Firm” carries out attacks on military installations, and in turn attempts to blame them on an unwitting patsy. The figurehead of this organization is a woman named “Mrs. Sutton”. She operates a charitable foundation in New York City that is a front for nefarious black operations.

Barry Kane, played by Robert Cummings, is the organization’s chosen fall guy. Through much tribulation, he is validated in his claim to innocence and attempts to assist the FBI in stopping an attack on a navy yard in New York. Barry takes a stand for the American people against a corporatist elite takeover of the United States. In one scene, Barry confronts the Patriarch of The Firm. “We will win no matter what you guys do!” Barry proclaims.

The film was released a year after America was attacked in Pearl Harbor in 1941, which would drag the United States into World War II. The official story of the “surprise” Pearl Harbor attack is surrounded by questions. This 1945 U.S. Army newsletter includes “…very startling Pearl Harbor disclosures.” Rep. Gearheart of California is cited as quoting FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as saying “…he had alerted Honolulu agents 11 days before Pearl Harbor.”

The Saboteur’s plotline of a domestic conspiracy to take over and subvert the United States government is based on historical facts. U.S. General Smedley Butler testified on record in 1933 of a conspiracy of wealthy businessmen to establish a “fascist dictatorship” in the United States.

In 1953 the Reece Committee found that tax-exempt foundations were wielding an unprecedented amount of influence over American society. Norman Dodd served as the chief director of research for the Committee. Dodd said, regarding the Carnegie Foundation,

“…the trustees … raised a specific question, which they discussed throughout the balance of the year…. Is there any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people? And they conclude that, no more effective means to that end is known to humanity, than war. So then, in 1909, they raise the second question, and discuss it, namely, how do we involve the United States in a war?.”

Google Wants to be Your Doctor; And its Director of Engineering Wants You to Have a Brain Chip


Old-Thinker News | September 21, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Google is launching a health care company called Calico. In partnership with Arthur Levinson, former chief executive of Genentech – the first genetic engineering company founded in 1976 – Google will strive to “significantly expand the human life span.”

Are we headed to a Rollerball like future in which corporations have replaced countries and their governments? According to Parag and Ayesha Khanna we are indeed headed in that direction. In the Hybrid Age, mega coporations will provide advanced technology to their constituents and thus gain loyalty. As we stray away from broken governments to provide security and prosperity, these entities will fill the gap.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt – who expects to be swallowing nanobots in the not too distant future – envisions life in this technological age as a streamlined and convenient existence.

Up until now, radical life extension has been a subject discussed by niche groups, think tanks and tech executives far out of reach for the general public.

The U.K. Ministry of Defense published a 2006 report titled The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036. The report outlined possible scenarios surrounding life extension. The report states, “The divide between those that could afford to ‘buy longevity’ and those that could not, could aggravate perceived global inequality. Dictatorial or despotic rulers could potentially also ‘buy longevity’, prolonging their regimes and international security risks.”

Calico, working with Genentech, will likely utilize genetic engineering and synthetic DNA in its quest to extend human life. The Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this year ruled against the patenting of natural human genes. However, there was a vital part of the ruling that allows for the patenting of synthetically engineered DNA.

A Genetic Social Network

In 2005 it was revealed in a book called The Google Story that Dr. Craig Venter, known for his creation of synthetic lifeforms, was in discussions with Larry Page and Sergey Brin [founders of Google] to:

“…generate a gene catalogue to characterize all the genes on the planet and understand their evolutionary development. Geneticists have wanted to do this for generations… Google will build up a genetic database, analyze it, and find meaningful correlations for individuals and populations.”

Google has been funding a program to do just that called 23 and me. In 2006 the organization was co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Personalized medicine, using patients genetic information, is the sweet spot for the organization. After submitting your genetic information, the 23 and me social network allows you to connect with other “genetic matches.” It will also provide information on risk factors of disease.

Will the general public be acclimated to share their genetic information online as they were with Facebook to share personal information? Recent NSA spying revelations make the prospect of supplying genetic information to a known NSA collaborator slightly unnerving.

A recent article from Discover magazine pointed out that:

“Many researchers believe that personal genomics will really not hit the biomedical sweet spot until you have on the order of a million people sequenced. But even then in the American system how to get a hold of all that information is going to be problematic, since it will likely be decentralized.”

The Yale Scientific Magazine announced that with the 23 and me genetic social network, “…it is easier than ever for people to find out their genetic risks for diseases, as well as connect with others who share parts of their genome.” It remains to be seen whether 23 and me will become a widespread success like Facebook, but it certainly has a powerful backing. As of last year, 23 and me reached 125,000 users who have submitted gene samples.

Google founder Larry Page met with Craig Venter in California at the Edge billionaires meeting in 2010. Also present were representatives from the State department, Bill Gates, Anne Wojcicki, Bill Joy and dozens of other tech company CEO’s and scientists.

The Edge billionaire meetings have discussed the future of genetic engineering, biocomputation and re-designing humanity in a Transhumanist era. Physicist Freeman Dyson described the individuals leading this group as having god-like power to create entirely new species on earth in a “New Age of Wonder”. He describes them as:

“…a new generation of artists, writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses, might create an abundance of new flowers and fruit and trees and birds to enrich the ecology of our planet.”

Will Google’s Calico be the first to implement brain chips on a mass scale?

Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, says that by 2030 Google Glass will be out-dated by devices “…the size of blood cells… we’ll be able to send them inside our brain through the capillaries, and basically connect up brain to the cloud.”

Google’s choice to hire Kurzweil, the figurehead of the Transhumanist movement, symbolizes the company’s anticipation that it will be the first to capitalize on “singularity” technologies. Google’s partner, Singularity University, is dedicated to producing students with knowledge about human augmentation, synthetic life, robotics and other technologies.