The era of global government?

BBC | November 13, 2014

By Linda Yueh

Hypothetically, a global government could re-allocate, much as a federal or central government now does to help regions/provinces/states. It could also regulate global markets, address climate change, fight Ebola, etc.

Here at the G20 summit, leaders representing 85% of world GDP are meeting in Brisbane, Australia.

It’s not just the G20 group of world leaders who are meeting. Also here are the heads of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. There’s also the associated organisations, such as the B20 (business), C20 (civil society), L20 (labour), T20 (think tanks), and Y20 (youth).

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1 Comment on "The era of global government?"

  1. Marcela Cruz | November 15, 2014 at 2:33 pm |

    The author of this article is hopefully (at best) well-meaning, if ignorant on some critical issues, or a disinfo agent (at worst). Really, a world government? The LAST thing this world needs is more centralized control which ALWAYS ends up in the hands of those who see humanity as slave cattle. (Review your history, Linda, right up to this moment in time). She needs to educate herself on the critical importance between Keynesian economies (intrinsically destructive and imploding by nature) and the Austrian school of economics, which is based on the freedom and innate creativity and productivity of the individual. The only solid ground to build on, especially on a world scale. And let’s not forget how actions speak louder than words, and the need for that filter to be diligently applied to entities such as NATO, G20, IMF, etc. touted as supposedly beneficent and well-intentioned. For example, right now, the UN is busily working to Start WWIII in Syria, using the ever-popular lies and false flags these entities have in their toolboxes of control. Stop drinking the cool-aid and start opening your eyes and observing for yourself and drawing rational and therefore accurate conclusions before trying to present such lame (and possibly ill-intentioned – you are the only one who would know) material to your readership.

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