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Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world?

The Telegraph  | May 21, 2015

By Martin Rees

In Davos a few years ago, I met a well-known Indian tycoon. Knowing I had the title Astronomer Royal, he asked: “Do you do the Queen’s horoscopes?” I responded, with a straight face: “If she wanted one, I’m the person she’d ask.” He then seemed eager to hear my predictions.

Genetically Modified Humans? Seven Reasons to Say “No”

Center For Genetics And Society | May 2015

Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China published a paper on April 18, 2015, detailing the first use of the “gene editing” technology CRISPR in human embryos. The news initiated a global media firestorm about the irresponsibility of attempting to create genetically modified humans.

Kerry: Internet ‘Needs Rules to Be Able to Flourish and Work Properly’

The Weekly Standard | May 18, 2015


In a speech today in South Korea, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Internet “needs rules to be able to flourish and work properly.” This, according to Kerry, is necessary even for “a technology founded on freedom.”

Google’s Homemade Self-Driving Cars to Hit Roads This Summer

recode | May 15, 2015

By Mark Bergen

Here’s something that irks Chris Urmson: Sometimes people will get in self-driving cars, the spectacularly complex piece of technology he runs at Google and to which he has devoted most of his scientific career, and leave with a shrug.

In the next 100 years ‘computers will overtake humans’ and we need to be prepared, says Stephen Hawking

Business Insider | May 13, 2015

By Lisa Eadicicco

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking doesn’t think humans will be the smartest thinkers on the planet 100 years from now.

New DNA Tech: Creating Unicorns and Curing Cancer for Real?

Daily Beast | March 30, 2015


“We have within our grasp the technology to change evolution. This could change the course of biological life.”
— Paul Berg, Nobel Laureate and a pioneer of genetic engineering

In 2012, scientists in the U.S. and Sweden invented a technology as potentially life-altering as splitting the atom. One that you haven’t heard of—yet—called “CRISPR-Cas9”. This innovation with the cumbrous name allows biologists to edit DNA almost as easily as cutting and pasting words and letters on a laptop.

Human to superhuman: Time to upgrade yourself

City AM | March 17, 2015

In two weeks the Science Museum is hosting You Have Been Upgraded, a festival exploring the future of human enhancement. The four day event will cover everything from brain hacking to digital implants, and will transport visitors to a future where a mysterious super-corporation, Unlimited Enhancement Technologies (UNET), has elevated biotechnologists to rock-star status.