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Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Vice/Youtube | July 24, 2014

Vice takes an unprecedented look into the shadowy industry of Private Military Companies. For the past two decades these private companies, like Black Water, Aegis and G4S have silently consumed military operations around the world, doing everything from back end logistics, protection of government VIP’s and diplomats to actual combat duties. In this documentary we explore the origins of this industry, their rise in the war on terror and their future operations around the world.

Next Synthetic Biology Creation: Lab-Brewed Milk

Washington Post | July 21, 2014


Biohackers Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi are crafting a plant-based concoction that’s nearly identical in taste and nutritional makeup to cow’s milk.

Feds Spending $10 Million to Build Robot Companions for Children

Washington Free Beacon | July 23, 2014

By Elizabeth Harrington

The National Science Foundation has committed $10 million to build robots that will act as “personal trainers” for children, in an effort to influence their behavior and eating habits.

Verizon on Internet of Things, the connected car: Location is key

Zdnet | July 22, 2014

By Charlie Osborne

Verizon believes that the mass adoption of tech which tracks our location through Internet of Things connected devices is a reality far closer than we believe to be.

Driverless cars could change everything

BBC | July 21, 2014

For now, it seems like a novelty – cars that can operate independently of human control, safely cruising down streets thanks to an array of sensors and pinpoint GPS navigation.

But if the technology avoids getting crushed by government regulators and product liability lawsuits, writes the Federalist’s Dan McLaughlin, it could prompt a cultural shift similar to the early 20th century move away from horses as the primary means of transportation.

Scientific skinful – health and electronic tattoos

The Australian | July 17, 2014

By Chris Griffith

THESE days we’re used to seeing the extensively tattooed bodies of our pop stars, footballers and Olympians.

In a couple of years, these stars could also be wearing tattoos of a much more advanced sort. Electronic tattoos on different areas of their bodies will collect data about their heartbeat, muscular output, breathing and hydration levels.

Inside IBM’s billion-dollar bet on Watson

Venture Beat | July 18, 2014

By Richard Byrne Reilly

Watson now has the weight of IBM on its shoulders.

Big Blue, the largest technology company on the planet, with 400,000 employees, is betting big on Watson, a cognitive supercomputer with artificial intelligence capabilities that learns from, and teaches, its human subjects.