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The First Church of Robotics

New York Times | August 9, 2014


THE news of the day often includes an item about some development in artificial intelligence: a machine that smiles, a program that can predict human tastes in mates or music, a robot that teaches foreign languages to children.

Futurist: It’s time to consider restricting human breeding

Wired | August 14, 2014

By Zoltan Istvan

Given the number of children that starve each day, dwindling planetary resources and the coming transhumanist era, it might be time to consider restricting human breeding, argues futurist

The Road to Singularity: Potential Annihilation, Utopian Visions, Will Liberty Prevail?


OLD-THINKER NEWS | AUGUST 11, 2014 | As featured in New Dawn Magazine


Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of man as god…” – C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945

Microchips Will Be Implanted Into Healthy People Sooner Than You Think

Business Insider Australia | August 8, 2014

By Dina Spector

In March 2009, British researcher Mark Gasson had a chip injected under the skin of his hand. The chip, a slightly more advanced version of the tags used to track pets, turned Gasson into a walking swipe-card. With a wave of his wrist, he could open security doors at the University of Reading laboratory, where his experiment was being conducted, and he could unlock his cell phone just by cradling it.

Report: Robots Will Take Over More Jobs Than They Create

CBS Charlotte | August 8, 2014

What will our future with robots be like? Will we live side by side, humans and mechanicals engaged in productive economic activity? Or will today’s work helpers be tomorrow’s electronic overlords?

That’s the question posed to about 1,800 industry experts by the Pew Research Internet Project and the Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center.

Nursing facilities pin hopes on robots

Japan News | August 4, 2014

Robots for nursing care and other medical purposes are being developed around the country, as Japan’s graying society has fueled hope regarding robots’ ability to ease the burdens of nursing care and support physical activity.

Genetically Engineering Almost Anything

NOVA Next | July 17, 2014

By Tim De Chantand Eleanor Nelsen

When it comes to genetic engineering, we’re amateurs. Sure, we’ve known about DNA’s structure for more than 60 years, we first sequenced every A, T, C, and G in our bodies more than a decade ago, and we’re becoming increasingly adept at modifying the genes of a growing number of organisms.