Government seeks to pacify resistance with postponement of Real ID

States now have until 2009 to meet requirements for National ID, dissenting Americans aren’t falling for it

Old-thinker news | March 3, 2007

By Daniel Taylor

In the face of opposition from several states, the U.S. government is being forced to take into account the unrest generated by plans for federal standards on drivers license across the country. However, the plans are still moving forward with a new deadline of the end of 2009, instead of the original May 2008 deadline. Despite this, opposition is sure to continue, as the prolonged deadline does nothing to quell legitimate fears of Big Brother intrusion into the daily lives of law abiding Americans.

In April of 2006, thanks to the CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering) division in New Hampshire, an anti-Real ID act rally was held. This was one of the many events that helped motivate others around the country to join the growing Anti-Real ID movement, and convince law makers to take action.

Katherine Albrecht, the founder of CASPIAN, spoke at the rally. “You probably remember a time when it was possible to do most activities in the U.S. without being asked for a card… we’re really to the point now where ID cards are being required for more and more daily activities…,” said Albrecht.

CBS news reported on the growing opposition in New Hampshire with the headline “N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules,” “New Hampshire has suddenly become a battleground in the fight over privacy rights versus homeland security, with state legislators voting against strict new federal standards for issuing driver’s licenses.”

In January of this year, Maine became the first state to demand a repeal of the Real ID act. Maine’s House Majority leader Hannah Pingree commented on the resolution. “We cannot be spending millions of state dollars on an initiative that does more harm to our state than good,” said Pingree. Montana has followed suit in opposition to Real ID, with the unanimous passage of a resolution declaring that it would not follow the voluntary federal guidelines. Other states are sure to follow as financial pressure on states as well as concerns of their citizens over privacy press for resistance.

Thanks to conscientious, patriotic Americans standing up for their liberty, awareness of the Real ID program’s threats to privacy and freedom have been made known to millions and opposition is spreading.

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