Endgame: The Rabbit Hole Doesn’t End Here – Part 2

Population reduction under the guise of humanitarian effort

Old-thinker news | Nov. 1, 2007

By Daniel Taylor

“It seems like every new corner we turn, the Rockefellers are already there. And in some cases, they have been there for a long, long time.” — William H. Gates Sr.

If you have watched Alex Jones’ Endgame, you know that population reduction has been a leading goal of Rockefeller, Kissinger, and other global elite for many years. You may be wondering; How will the elite fulfill their plans for global population reduction? There are many theories as to how this will be done, and speculation abounds. Race specific bio-weapons, as written in the Project for a New American Century, “…may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” A report released early this year by the U.K. Ministry of Defense outlining possible future scenarios says that, “The development of neutron weapons which destroy living organs but not buildings ‘might make a weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in an increasingly populated world.” Documentation can be shown demonstrating that at this very moment massive population reduction programs are being carried out.

Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200, as noted in Endgame, is a foundational document regarding population reduction plans for the third world.

The 1974 NSSM 200 document cites “Injectable contraceptives for women” as a possible method of population reduction and control. Depopulation, as stated in the document, should be pursued because it would be in the “…economic interests of the United States.”

“Wherever a lessening of population pressures… can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.”

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Population Council, both Rockefeller organizations, have been instrumental in the funding and development of sterilization vaccines. The Rockefeller family has been involved with population control and eugenics since the early 1900’s. The Population Council, founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1952, was first headed by Frederick Osborn, who served as the Secretary of the American Eugenics Society.

“Injectable contraceptives for women” have been developed in the years after the infamous NSSM 200.

The Rockefeller family has been involved with population control and eugenics since the early 1900's

In 1989 research was conducted by the National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi India on the use of ‘carriers’ such as Tetanus Toxoid and Diphtheria to bypass the immune system and deliver the female hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). The effect of the hCG hormone was the sterilization of women by causing the body to attack itself. By using four women as test subjects, the research found that multiple doses – around 5 – of the Tetanus toxoid hCG carrier vaccine was required in order for it to effectively raise the level of hCG in their bodies. The research also found that if an alternate carrier such as Diphtheria was used, less doses would be needed to maintain the desired level of hCG.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Population Council are listed as giving grants for the research.

The aforementioned research paper was carried in the Oxford University Press in 1990, and was titled “Bypass by an alternate ‘carrier’ of acquired unresponsiveness to hCG upon repeated immunization with tetanus-conjugated vaccine.”

Are these plans being implemented right now?

NSSM 200 outlines recommendations as to how to carry out population reduction and control policies. The World Bank, World Health Organization, UNICEF, and donor countries are listed as possible implementation arms.

GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), which was founded in 2000, has the goal of vaccinating most of the third world. The member organizations of GAVI  include many of the same partners listed in NSSM 200, including the Rockefeller Foundation. Listed on the GAVI website,

GAVI partners include: national governments of donor and developing countries, the Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Program, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA), the Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, the World Bank Group and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In December of 2000, David Rockefeller and William H. Gates Sr., among others, visited the Rockefeller University campus to take part in a meeting on “Philanthropy in a Global Century”. While there, Gates spoke about his inspiration from Rockefeller in founding GAVI,

“Gates said that ‘Taking our lead and our inspiration from work already done by The Rockefeller Foundation, our foundation actually started GAVI by pledging $750 million to something called the Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines, an instrument of GAVI.'”

He also praised the Rockefeller family’s century of philanthropy, saying, ‘It seems like every new corner we turn, the Rockefellers are already there. And in some cases, they have been there for a long, long time.'”

The targets

The targets of NSSM 200 for population reduction and control included “…countries where there is special U.S. political and strategic interest.” Those named include: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.

In 1995 the BBC aired a documentary titled “The Human Laboratory”, which covered the use of birth control drugs and vaccines in the third world. The discovery of “contaminated” Tetanus toxoid vaccines and the resulting negative effects on the Philippine population were covered. The documentary was never shown in the United States. A transcript of the program can be seen here.

Contained in the program are the accounts of doctors from the Philippines who found that their Tetanus vaccines were “contaminated” with hCG, resulting in sterility and miscarriages. As the research shown above indicates, these are not contaminants, but rather scientifically crafted.

The following are excerpts from the BBC program:

MARY PILAR VERZOSA: The women would say why is it that the tetanus shots that we’ve been getting have had effects on us? Our fertility cycles are all fouled up, some of the women among us have had bleedings and miscarriages, some have lost their babies at a very early stage. The symptoms could come soon after their tetanus vaccination – some the following day, others within a week’s time. For those who were pregnant on their first three or four months the miscarriage was really frightening.

MARY PILAR VERZOSA: I began to suspect that here in the Philippines that’s exactly what’s happening. They have laced the tetanus toxoid vials with the Beta HCG. The only way I could make sure that they hadn’t done that was to examine the vials, and how to get a hold of those vials was going to be a problem. Who was I to collect them from the health centres?

MARY PILAR VERZOSA: Oh boy that was really something when this came out of my fax machine. Report on HCG concentration in vaccine vials. Three out of those four vials registered positive for HCG, so my suspicions are affirmed that here in our country they are not only giving plain tetanus toxoid vaccination to our women, they are also giving anti-fertility.

NARRATOR: Sister Mary was not alone. Many women and doctors reported similar findings. Dr. Vilma Gonzaga became suspicious when she had two miscarriages, both times after receiving the tetanus jab. She is now suing the government since tests showed she had very high levels of antibodies to Beta HCG.

Dr Fays Schrater comments on his suspicions that there is a deliberate campaign to immunise the Philippines with hCG.

DR FAYS SCHRATER: If there is a conspiracy to immunise the women of the Philippines with chorionic gonadotropin rather than tetanus, then it requires the knowledge of some member of a government, or two. It requires the participation of a manufacturer to link the chorionic gonadotropin physically to the tetanus toxoid – you can’t just throw it in the vial and expect it to do its work. And it requires that it be mislabelled and that it be shipped then to a centre who knows what’s in it and who is going to distribute it in a guise of tetanus vaccine.

Rural populations of the third world have caught on to possible negative effects of vaccination such as sterilization, while their fears are dismissed as “rumors” and “myths” by the mainstream press. Often, those reassuring that the vaccines are safe are the very organizations listed in NSSM 200 as partners in population reduction and control efforts.  A 2006 press release from UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund), which is involved with vaccinating many third world countries, quotes the Assistant Project Officer for Health in Ethiopia’s Southern Nations, Tersit Assefa,

“In other places, women of this age often stay away,” said Ms. Tersit. “All sorts of misguided rumours go round that the injections will sterilize them or harm them in some way. But here, the village elders are on board. They are here, encouraging the women to come along.”

Nigerians have also become suspicious of vaccines. CBS news reported in 2004 that the Nigerian state of Kano was resisting Polio vaccines on grounds that the injections would render the female population infertile.

“In September, Shekarau suspended participation in a global immunization program on the grounds that local scientists had discovered traces of a hormone in foreign-made vaccines that they feared could make girls infertile.

Some local Islamic leaders accused the Nigerian federal government of being part of a U.S. plot to kill off Muslims with the vaccines.

The WHO insisted the vaccines were safe, and urged that vaccinations resume to stave off a resurgence of the paralyzing disease.”

Thailand, another target of NSSM 200, is ripe with stories of miscarriages and sterilization. According to the local population of the Akha, pregnant women are forced to receive the vaccine in order to get ID cards for their children. The vaccine often results with violent miscarriages. In the video below, Matthew McDaniel, a human rights activist who has been working with the Akha people of Thailand, speaks with two Akha women about the forced Tetanus vaccine and the resulting miscarriages.

The third world populations, which are largely out of sight and out of the minds of a large portion of the west, are taking the brunt of the global elite’s population reduction plans.


Several pieces of research for this article were originally found thanks to David Ayoub, M.D. in his presentation “Mercury, Autism, and the Global Vaccine Agenda.” I give full credit where it is due.

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