We are Being Pulled Into the Matrix Like Never Before

Old-Thinker News | Feb 8, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Technology has enabled modern mankind to enjoy a lifestyle that our ancestors could only dream of. Countless numbers of science fiction writers have warned for decades about the negative side to our advancing technology. Every new technology invented has the capacity to be used for the benefit or destruction of mankind. Even technologies originally intended for good can be misused.

Could many of our society’s ills be connected to our over dependency on technology? Is the answer, as transhumanist leader Ray Kurzweil says, to simply merge with it? If we do, will our humanity still be in-tact?

Let’s take a look at some statistics.

According to a 2010 LA Times report, young people spend on average 53 hours a week watching TV, playing video games, and sitting at the computer.

Facebook users spend about 15 hours a month on the social networking site.

People are walking – and driving – blindly while texting, sometimes walking into fountains and even falling off cliffs.

A literal matrix is being built around us. It hasn’t snatched all of us up yet, but there are warning signs everywhere. The food we eat is increasingly synthetic. Much of the news we watch has been shown to be a total fabrication. The virtual world offers endless hours of entertainment, pressing buttons in our brains to make us come back for more even when we don’t want to. It even offers virtual mates that some men end up finding more pleasurable than their real partners.

We are paying a high price for misusing technology. A recent study from Harvard found that sperm counts in men who watched around 20 hours of TV a week were 44 percent lower than normal.

Other technologies are also impacting our bodies. A UCLA study has shown that the internet is in fact re-wiring our brains. Dr. Gary Small, director of UCLA’s Memory and Aging Research Center stated that, “A young person’s brain, which is still developing, is particularly sensitive. … It’s also the kind of brain that is most exposed to the new technology.”

The New Atlantis publication has called our technological society an “age of egocasting.” Personalized entertainment, and even personalized search engine results, are enabling us to engineer our information and entertainment environments to our liking. An endless Pandora’s box of entertainment is at our finger tips.

Within the digital world a new gold mine has been discovered by marketing firms and advertisers. Data is the new oil of the 21st century. They rely on internet browsers and cooperating websites to track users activity to create detailed psychological profiles. Google has announced that it will use microphones in personal computers and cell phones to listen for ambient background noise. AI programs will target them with specialized ads based on what it hears.

Futurist Gerd Leonhard spoke to technology and business leaders in Paris last year. He warned them not to “kill the golden goose” that is the general public willingly providing personal data. He warned that they should not make them think that “…they are always watched by us” or they will “kick us out.” The question is, how many people are willing to sacrifice “convenience” for privacy? What will we do when we can “sell” our data in the form of a retinal scan or other biometric information into our TV for free content?

We have a great challenge ahead of us during this era of unprecedented technological advancement. Increasingly, those who “opt out” of this matrix will find it more difficult to function in society. A 2010 report from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense touched on this subject. Ultimately, as stated in the paper, it may become difficult to “turn the outside world off,” and “…Even amongst those who make an explicit life-style choice to remain detached, choosing to be disconnected may be considered suspicious behaviour.” Already, employers are making it clear that those without Facebook profiles are to be deemed “suspicious.”

By 2040 – and likely before then – many futurists and scientists are projecting that technology will have advanced exponentially, bringing the much anticipated “singularity” closer. The MoD hints at some of these possible developments, including the emergence of an internet of things, radical life extension technology, and surveillance of personnel via mood sensing devices.

Computing will become pervasive everywhere in the environment. According to the report, “The virtual networks will consist of communications servers linking individuals and objects, many of which will be networked through individual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.”

Will humanity survive?


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  1. I found the article interesting and considered reading more at this blog until I saw all the nutty religious comments. WAKE UP!! Religion is a bunch of bullshit meant to control people, and is a pack of stupid lies. Human ego knows no bounds. “God” in OUR image? Give me a break.
    Anyway it was interesting for awhile until I saw all the loony-tunes posting. Bye-bye.

    • oldthinkernews | March 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm |

      I hope that you will judge the website by its content. I allow open discussion here. Don’t miss out on important information.

      • I read the information posted on this website once in a while. Posters that poo-poo “religion” may rightly think that man’s “religions” are used to control the masses, and they are, but man’s religions and traditions are FALSE. Christ specifically spoke out against the teachings of the “scribes”, the “Pharisees”, the “Sadducees”, and the Jews of Judea and Alexandria. He was crucified for doing so. Anyone who speaks the truth as he did about man’s religions and traditions are much hated for doing so, just as Christ foretold.

  2. every thing man does make from this earth he has to take -and his life but a vapor short weather rich or poor ,mighty or not ; but Light of Anointed One always is the substance of things hoped for the evidence thereof – just one tweek and all what the briany acks think and hold in their hands can crumble along with there plans ; from today and especially on that great day approaching. Sing Psalms 66

  3. After I read the following article on this website:


    a feeling of shock and helplessness has overcome me. I am at a loss for words to describe the wickedness I read.

    • Do not be shocked or feel helpless. Ask God’s Spirit to empower you. Jesus told us these things will be, but he also said: “GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD”. In St. John 17 Jesus prayed for our “keeping”. This means that even if we lose our lives for his sake, we will NOT lose ETERNAL LIFE. God is still on His throne in heaven, and if we allow him, he will enthrone himself in our hearts. All this is ominous but NOT HOPELESS. God is able to keep us from the evil that is in the world. Ask him o keep you and to “deliver us from evil”. Take his word to heart. If you allow fear to overtake you, then you are surrendering. The one commandment tht most Christians forget is: “FEAR NOT”. This kind of strength only comes from getting to know Jesus beyond a confession of faith and by being baptized in the Holy Spirit (Ye shall receive Power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you. This was not just spoken to those in the book of Acts for their era, but to all believers in all eras since then. Consider that if Jesus himself had to be baptized-not only in water- but of the Holy Spirit too, then why wouldn’t his followers throughout the ages require the same empowerment?)

      Remember this, “Jesus Christ, the HOPE of glory. COME to Jesus for all your worries, concerns and needs, because he alone is ABLE to allay them and provide the comfort you seek. God bless you.

      • To expound further of what I meant “Jesus, the man, needed to be baptized not only with water but the Spirit too”: the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove when he came up out of the waters of the Jordan River where he was baptized of John the Baptist. Immediately after this, he went into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, because he was empowered by the Holy Spirit. He was empowered to resist the devil and defeat Satan’s plan. Satan’s plan was to cause the spotless Lamb of God, Christ Jesus, to sin: however He remained spotless, without sin. We need the Holy Spirit: helplessness leads to hopelessness. We have Jesus’ example to look to for empowerment: that’s why He was sent by the Father.

  4. On the issue of the “Scientific Dictatorship” and the ability of the scientific elite to direct the social collective without them realizing it is happening, I found this information to be highly revealing as to how this could be done.

    “A Nanobiotechnology device that is smart enough to circulate through the body hunting viruses or cancer cells is, by definition, smart enough to exchange information with that human body. This means, under the right conditiions the ‘device’ could evolve beyond its original function.” (Alan H. Goldstein, Materials Scientist, Fierer Chair of the Biomedical Materials Engineering Science Program, NYSCC at Alfred University)

    He and his fellow scientists are actively engaged in attempting to reinvent the world one atom at a time using nanobiotechnology. He stated, “By the end of this century we will surely have the technology to eliminate or modify virtually any manifestation of the material world…”. The fact is, exponential growth of nanobiotechnology and Humanistic Artificial Intelligence will make this possible much sooner than Goldstein predicts! He also states that, “Many are alarmed by the unnatural endeavours of our species, concerned that something sacred is being irrevocably destroyed. That something, of course, is the natural state of the world.”

    He makes no excuses as to the intentions of the “Scientific Dictatorship”! It is the destruction of the natural state of the world! Am I concerned? Aren’t you?

  5. “In his 1951 essay, The Impact of Science on Society, Bertrand Russell wrote that the most important science of the future would be ”mass psychology … taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship.” He said that ”the influence of [the] home is obstructive” and that ”indoctrination” must begin ”before the age of ten.” He warned, ”Although this science of mass psychology will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions are generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen…”

    No link given because YOU NEED TO LOOK IT UP YOURSELVES!

  6. the course of history is sold as merchandise to steer the people in a way that’s full of spiritual advice -but many can not see that this evil thing remains a spirit to deceive and they call it other names . But there is One who always was and His light will always remain ;but when deeds are dark and minds corrupt to that light they flee; and many words they speak or write to confuse themselves the more ; the river still flows even though they can not see…

  7. Why is it those who choose not to be on “Facebook”, or join any other social website, are now being considered “suspicious” and “anti-social”? Is there some hidden agenda to demonize those who choose not to join and become a part of the carnal social collective? If one chooses not to be integrated into the carnal and worldly “hive mind”, which is readily seen and heard in all forms of human media, how does that make that person “suspicious”? Is not wanting to participate in activities that encourage sinful actions and wicked activities, which many websites certainly do, somehow wrong? Why is it that those who choose not to participate, or attempt not to participate, in worshiping and serving the “beast”, i.e., the “flesh”, like so many people obviouslydo, are considered “anti-social”? Could it be that just as the prophet foretold in Revelation 13 in the true versions of the Scriptures that those who will not participate in worshiping and serving the “beast” will be killed by those who do? There is no doubt!

  8. Larry Peterson | February 22, 2013 at 3:23 pm |

    Religion is a name for a primitive set of beliefs to the question of death. They all promise immortality with a great being in the sky. God is not love, or it would be unconditional-its not. You have to love him back, and worship him or burn in Hell for Eternity, That’s not love.
    Jesus Myth: The fact that a Messiah came-born of virgin is not new. Look up Attis as he was the “son of God born of a virgin, able to do miracles and was crucified,died, and was resurrected with the promise to be able to grant immortality.” and this was a pre -christian myth. Jesus was a continuation of the myth.
    If you don’t believe in Jesus, you will not be saved. All you have to do is love him, worship him,go to the church of your choice and symbolically eat his flesh and symbolically drink of his blood. Sorry-that’s too primitive for me.
    The bible that you all grasp was written many yrs.ago by many writers. The problem is that all the people of his time were illiterate, had no alphabet, and nothing to write with or on. The Birth of Jesus was never proved, no other Religions wrote about him so he is questionable.
    The bible also says that Eve was talking to this snake, and the snake convinced her to eat a fruit out of God’s tree. Now, I don’t believe any of that-I prefer to believe that we came about because of evolution-like people should believe 2013 years later.

    • Lies: many of these people were literate, understood the earth was spherical and not flat. They knew a great deal that men in the 17th-21st centuries are now discovering that they knew. Have you ever considered how they accomplished the things they did without our modern technology? For a thinking person, you sure are not using that God given common sense you were given. You are choosing to believe that which fits into your chosen way of believing.

      As for God not being love, as you see it, your choice to perceive him this way does not change the fact that He IS. You are free to make poor choices, but you will be wiser to consider that love does not only tell us what we want to hear but also tells us what we need to hear; it’s called INFORMED CONSENT. You are informed by God what is against his love, and you have the right to choose his will or not with full knowledge of the consequences. That means God is fair. If you choose not to believe him, you cannot complain to him later that you did not know or that you have had no chance to repent.

      If you were driving down a highway that was incomplete, but there were no signs or indication of the hazard of dying, but one person (of his own volition and risks) was standing out there flagging cars down to warn them wouldn’t you be grateful? Or, would you ignore this stranger, calling him deranged for trying to stop you, out his loving concern for your well being, without getting an understanding of his actions? Would it be his fault if you end up injured or dead? Well this is exactly how the world is acting towards God and his witnesses. Just because you don’t see the danger of hell doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because you cannot understand God’s love and believe why he’d die for you, doesn’t mean he is not loving if you choose to ignore his gift to you.

      It’s okay to question God and his ways, not as scorners or scoffers, but seekers of truth. We are humans and cannot know on our own God’s ways except he reveals them to us. It’s never okay not to trust His love for you, because its hazardous to your health. The fearful and the unbelieving will have their part of the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Since God has made us and not we ourselves, then as owner, he has the right to save or discard any creation which does not perform to his liking: here’s where love steps in…before he does that, he will try to salvage that work of art (pottery/clay/humans). He has developed a salvaging process, but some vessels do not adhere to it. What then will he do? If you reject Jesus, yes, you are going to hell, but that is your CHOICE.

  9. Everything that was foretold in the true versions of Scripture are coming to pass. The spirit of antichrist, which has been around a long time, is hard at work in this world. Those who are “of the spirit of antichrist” teach and preach from the “human point of view”. They teach and preach humanism, humanitarianism, liberalism, libertarianism, the liberal humanist “tradition”. Because they refuse the love of the truth they are “given over” to any and all “defiling passions”. They believe they have the human right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in any way they choose, independent from the Laws of God, and they vehemently oppose the “doctrine of Christ”. They have a fine way of distorting the truth. Many of them actually believe that in what they do they do God a “service”. In the end they will discover how wrong they are!

  10. No one that is crazy ever thinks they’re crazy. Get some help…

  11. So, Google is now offering interactive goggles for people to interact further with their computers. Apart from the fact I cannot afford this new gadget, another reason. Some time ago there was a Christian prophecy film where people would put on a pair of goggles and thrusted them into the world of virtual reality. In this world the victims met the antichrist where’d receive their mark or face getting their heads chopped off if they refused. Ok, all happening in a virtual world. But the interesting part was what happened in the virtual world was carried out in the real world. Just a movie, but then what was sci-fi one hundred years ago has come to pass.

    • where do i start, well ever sence i was 4or5 years old and one nite sitting on my window sill i dont know how to explane it but i feel i was taken, it happend around 10 or 11pm, and around 6 am i was back on my window sil,noing i was gone cuz i could see earth and how big it was looking out a window of some kind, and then i was back that all i remember,but i know i wasent on earth and it was not a dream, after that i notice,on or in my ear i had a bump[this is the first time I’ve told antone about this and now im 48 years old] that was not there before,Well what im trying to get at is that i can see the future, glimpies of it,not all good and what are goverment is up to,and its not good,I wish i could talk to somome about this to get it off my chest!and to look at my ear and whats under the skin,I have so much to talk about,one thing is dalcie the underground base by the indian res, i’ve been there inside i have out if body experiences, this all started when i was taken,i dont no how to explane it but it happens,I feel i have been taken many times and the last time was just a couple of months ago, I know im not crazy and i no what is real and what is not,I just need to talk to somone about this,are goverment is hidding things,and all the knew technology that they give us,like facebook tweeter and all the rest, is to watch us,and it is used to mold us,control us into what they want, You know if all that is writen about what is been going on in the world, what people see and experince, ext. Was a lie and thats what are goverment wants us to beleave, WOW theres a lot of crazy people in the world today, yes there are some but not all, but we do know what we are seeing,and the goverment is workimg so hard to cover it up, WHY! cuz it is true or they wouldent work so hard to cover it up so beleave in what you see and why do we need the goverment to tell us what is real, we know and look at all the goverment workers that have come forward to tell there storys in what they experince, are they nuts too? I dont think so, but its still up to you to beleave or not, One other thing look at all the books and movies we write, are we unknowingly writing are future,just look at are past what was fiction is now nonfiction hhmmm you decide, it sure looks like what we can imagine,we can bring to life as long as the technology is there, well i have so much more to talk and tell about so if you want to talk drop me a line

  12. People can have what ever “religion” they like, but why do we have to hear about it. Its your faith, keep it to your self and stay on subject. Technology is physical, “religion” is spiritual, why mess this up with crossed lines.

  13. greg danielson | February 16, 2013 at 4:12 pm |

    I am a believer in Christ and appreciate all that you do in exposing the lies of the enemy. These lying wonders that have been, and are still to come are broad, and have many applications, and are very deep, even as your website covers.
    But do you know there is “a lie,” that if one believes opens the gate within each individual to believe all these lying wonders? This lie (“a lie”) is this:

    Believing that it is not possible to cease from doing the sins unto death; compared to the sins that lead not to death.

    The confusion of these two types of sins has contributed to influencing the heart and mind to believe “a lie,” for anyone that believes that it’s not possible to cease from doing the sins unto death (1 Cor. 6: 9-10; Gal. 5: 19-21) is the very cause for them to believe these lying wonders of the Antichrist, as God sends upon them “strong delusion” that they should believe “a lie.”
    The reason God sends upon them strong delusion that they should believe “a lie” is because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. So what is the truth?

    We know the truth is Jesus, but what does His doctrine teach? It teaches us that upon confession and repentance of our sins (this being done with godly sorrow) He will forgive us of all our past sins that we have ever committed (Rom. 3: 25), giving us a clean slate (1 Jn. 1:9), therefore upon doing this we are forgiven and cleansed. So in short, the doctrine of Christ is this:

    “Neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more” (Jn. 8: 36).

    Jesus Christ came to MAKE us free from our sins, therefore, as we believe to Do His word, being doers of His word, and not hearers only…(James 1: 22), which is His doctrine, is how He MAKES us free, which SETS us free.
    God has an expectation of all that name the name of Christ to depart from iniquity (2 Tim. 2: 19), which means to cease from doing the sins unto death. If we don’t learn to do this, or if we don’t believe it is possible to cease from such sins, then we will ever be learning, and never come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Tim. 3: 7). May I remind us of His word in Hosea 4: 6 which says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you….” Please do not reject the knowledge of this message in this post!

    I hope after hearing the news of the Pope’s resignation and the arrival of the possible last Pope prophesied to come in March, that we have come to recognize by now the times in which we live. There are three segments that lead up to His Second Coming: “the last days,” “the latter times,” and the “end of days.” The “last days” begins either at His ascension or at Pentecost and ends when sin becomes exceedingly sinful, which only God can determine, and when that moment comes, then He reveals “that man of sin, the son of perdition.”
    Do we realize “that man of sin was revealed on Jan. 20, 2009? My friends we’ve been living in the “latter times” since Sept. 10, 2010 (Rosh Hashanah), which is two years after our modern day famine in the land (DOW Jones crash 777.68 points on Sept. 29, 2008), in which scripture tells us there would be no new seed to harvest (Gen. 45: 6). My friends, the Gentile Church Age has come to an end (not to be confused with the Church Age, which is centered on the Jews)!! There will be 144,000 more Jews that will come to Christ during the Great Tribulation through the Two Witnesses, which are the two churches that go forth in the power and Spirit of Elijah by which these 144,000 come to Christ (Rev. 14: 4).
    Finally, the Rapture comes “after that tribulation” (great tribulation), not before. It will come either before or simultaneously as He brings His wrath upon a ungodly and disobedient people.
    We who are faithful and true living for God are His witnesses, and He will provide His power and strength to His faithful (those that have ceased from doing the sins unto death) when that moment of persecuation comes. It is because of what “they” do to us that gives Him reason to recompense tribulation upon them that trouble us.

    The indoctrination of teaching and preaching and evangelizing into the world that it is not possible to cease from doing the sins unto death is the very reason why that man of sin, the son of perdition, was revealed on Jan. 20, 2009, and now is set to go to Jerusalem on March 20, 2013 (with the new Pope most likely to be named before then). The Unholy Trinity is being formed right in front of our eyes!!!
    My last words are these: Remember knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. It’s not that we gain or have all knowledge of the details of these end times (aliens, the Vatican, etc.), but the only things that matters is if we have repented from doing the sins unto death, which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for to make it possible for us to be set free from our sins. Therefore, after reading the Bible from cover to cover, it proposes one question to each individual:

    Do you believe it’s possible to cease from doing the sins that lead to death?

    If you do believe it’s possible then you can be confident of this very thing, that He that has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1: 6), as His Holy Spirit will provide each believer with His power to endure. He will never leave you nor forsake you, that is, if you don’t forsake Him.

    Confess, repent, believe, and abide, all the way to heaven!!!!

    In the love of Christ,

    • Reply to Greg,
      You can believe in Christ. These books of the bible were written hundreds of years ago.
      All religions are making their own versions of it.
      We live now in another time, not hundreds of years ago.
      Religions keep on being problems all over the world. Fighting each other, thinking they are the true religion.
      I wonder what the people in the Bibble, the Torah, the Talmud or the Koran would be saying if they could see our modern civilization? Would they not be looking in awe to all the modern technologies.would they still belive in a talking burning bush. We have come a long way from burning witches or letting hem drown. Being burned at the stake for rejecting the catholic religion. But apparently we still have a long way to go.

      • First, God of the Bible is known as the “Ancient of Days” or “Jesus Christ, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever, the “First and the Last, Alpha and Omega: the point? We true Christians are serving a God of antiquity who is the foremost, utmost and Supreme God of gods: O yes, today we are still serving the Lord of “200 years ago”, of 2000 yeara ago and from the beginning..” i

        Satan has mislead men of yesterday and is misleading many today, and God has permitted man to chose whom they will serve. Jesus, King of Kings will have the last say. God said he will not alter the word that has gone out of his mouth, nor will it return unto him void of accomplishing that which he sent his word to do: for correction, reproofs, instruction, and DOCTRINE which therefore leads to our edification or damnation. It matters not how many “Christian” sects or other religions come up with “other versions” as “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit and not open to any interpretation of men.” Those who blaspheme God ‘s Spirit by presenting another Gospel and another Jesus will not go unscathed by the Sword of the Spirit. They have promises appointed unto them called: weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth…in outer darkness….in hell…where the worm dies not….and the torment of their smoke rises continually before God, for when God revealed himself to men, they loved not the truth preferring darkness…lovers of pleasures more than God…and worshipped God not as God at His revelation…but made Him like unto men, insects and birds and beasts.

        Second, sin, not “pure religion and undefiled”, is what keeps troubles brewing in the world. If man desired and kept even the Commandment to “love The Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself, we would not see the abundance of: murder, bearing false witness, lying, adultery/fornication, dis honoring parents, covetousness/greed….and… The devil can only tempt us, but we, from our hearts, answers “yes or no”. Because we have sinful natures, without repentance we know the evil but must learn to eschew it by God’s Spirit’s drawing us to the Goodness (capitalization intentional) of The Lord.

        Furthermore, Jesus said, “You think I came to bring peace on earth, nay but a sword to divide….” Jesus came to separate the unbelievers from amongst the believers even ad close as being under the same household, of the same blood. We have this example in the first book of the Bible where God divides the night from day: darkness and lifght are complete opposites and do not coexist, for as day approaches night/darkness flees. So all this division you claim is bad for the world is in a sense correct. It’s going to be a bad day for all the world of Darkness when the Daystar, Jesus, comes back with His heavenly hosts to depose the occupying demonic armies of earth.

        Third, some of the Prophets and Apostles of the Bible did see our day: try reading the Books of Daniel, Peter, Revelation, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel and the epistles of Paul. I could go on, but I perceive these are excellent places to start. Ask God to reveal his word to you, if you really are seeking the truth and not simply a scoffer of that which you obviously do not know (Jesus) or understand. God’s sheep will know and hear his voice.

        At last, the world has not come a long way from torturing the Church of Jesus Christ. There are still people being killed the world over for believing in Jesus Christ, including here in the US. Jesus said the world hated him and the world will hate the true body of Christ which is NOT a building or a sect, but all those he had chosen from everywhere and who have chosen him back, are faithful to him and love his truth…those who will lay down their lives for his sake. If you know no real people like this, then do as Ghani said, “be the change you want to see” by truly living in Christ for Jesus Christ.

        • L, you are right on point. you my brother/sister are a strong soldior for our Father.It would be a great honor to be able to stand next to you with GOD’s sword in hand in this battle that we will be fighting soon.Stay steadfast L.Davis,GOD will BLESS us well at that time,as He is doing now.We are His watchmen/women.There many that have been blessed to have eyes and ears. Stay well and strong, L.

    • To Greg: (Confess, repent, believe, and abide, all the way to heaven!!!!In the love of Christ) Greg this is true. I have a question for you. How do you come up with your belief of this USA President to be the Son of Perdition? The SON OF PERDITION IS NOT HUMAN FLESH. This entity is in angel body form, He is in Heaven, On the bad side being gaurded by Michael.He is not to be released until the lamb of GOD, Yahsuah/Jesus,Sounds the sixth Trump,opens the sixth seal and opens the sixth vail. This son of perdition, that has been marked as 666 is the Satan,lucifer,Devil,serpent/snake in the mids,The false morning star,the tree of knowledge of good and evil,the master of lies,ect.Please explain,how do you claim that the human is the son of perdition? We are living in the fifth still.The sixth has not come yet to existence.

  14. no matter how its done -all is made from the earth – as sci-fi it seems to become – the deadly fruit from that tree of good and evil fell from eve to the ground to contaminate -so its always the same old story -relived till he will appear the man of sin oh he’s real near ; images of him made from many other ones all thinking they are god !all at once -won’t last to long -rude awaking they will see -when the rightful owner of the land comes to stand – crush go the iron and clay toes and the rest to dust and the winds blow it away …

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