Coming Soon: The Age of Disconnection

Old-Thinker News | August 12, 2013

Daniel Taylor, independent researcher and webmaster of, is preparing to release his new book The Age of Disconnection – We are more wired than ever. But are we truly connected?

From cell phones to Google Glass, and eventually brain chips, technology is increasingly playing a major role in our lives. Previously unheard of disorders are appearing parallel to these trends. “Digital dementia” is beginning to plague young people across the developed world. A “new social awkwardness” is gripping their lives.

The Age of Disconnection explores these new social phenomena associated with our addiction to technology.

The technological elite plan to make these individuals – who they see as a generation of “easily deceived barbarians” that are unfit for the future – and the rest of the human race, obsolete. Human connection is fading in the technological era while the age of robotics rapidly approaches.

In the book, you will learn the secrets to staying truly connected in a wired world.

Watch this page for updates when the book is released.