China calls for ‘de-Americanized world,’ says U.S. has dysfunctional government

Natural News | October 22, 2013

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By J. D. Heyes

Students of history know and understand that empires rise and fall, because that is the nature of the world. That said, more than just a few analysts believe that the American empire is on the decline.

Yes, I said “empire,” because that’s exactly what the United States has become, though clearly our founding fathers never envisioned an America that wielded power and influence globally, and in ways that are increasingly focused on narrow, selfish interests.

To the casual observer, it might not yet be apparent, but to those focused on the big picture, the signs of decline are evident.

Take for instance calls by China in recent months to “de-Americanize” the world; given that China is our largest creditor, that’s a pretty important development.

‘Time to start considering building a de-Americanized world’

According to a recent report by the International Business Times (IBT), China’s official news agency, Xinhua, called for this de-Americanization on the eve of the political battle over the debt ceiling, “saying the destinies of people should not be left in the hands of a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government.”

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7 Comments on "China calls for ‘de-Americanized world,’ says U.S. has dysfunctional government"

  1. To say that the founders of America never envisioned this nation wielding power and influence globally is just not true. They envisioned America exporting its “way of life” to the rest of the world, and this is exactly what has happened. The results? Corruption on scale that has never been seen before at any time in history! Yeah, America is the land of the free alright, the land of those who believe it is their right to exercise their carnal free will to do whatever they desire!

  2. Maybe it IS the pot callin’ the kettle black, true just the same though. The question ain’t, “Who’s culling the herd?”, the question is, “Why does the herd always need culling, don’t we ever learn?”

  3. China is being being duped by the Rockefellers just as the rest of the world is – through one of their many tentacles of control disguised as helping humanity.

    Your article entitled ‘The Reece Committee: Social Science as a Tool for Control’ exposes the one world government plan of the Reese Committee and UNESCO.

    So, while China appears to be flexing it’s independence it is doing so under the careful manipulation of the Rockefellers with the help of the Li family. See:

  4. China should not underestimate the will and determination of the American people to dig themselves out of the pit. The American people knew how to correct themselves at crucial moments in history. They will do what is right when it truly matters most. You can bet on that.

    • Who is defining “what is right”? In America it is MAN who has made himself the “highest authority” in matters of what is “right”, as well as what is “wrong”. Laws have been written to protect actions and activities that are in the least “questionable”, but are in reality destructive to both the human body and psyche. How is this “right”?

  5. This is not surprising. Anyone who has spent the last several years on Alternative media and can make logical connections, has seen the shills and writers all over the place slamming the American people and praising the East. No doubt my country is dysfunctional and hypocritical. But when China calls our nation hypocritical, it is also defining itself as such.

    This seems to have been very planned. About a year ago I saw Evelyn de Rothschild giving an interview in which he said the future was in the East…. So, we know where and who started this.

    The U.S. could have grown into a decent nation, but for the Political class doing the bidding of the men behind the curtain.

    A walk thru History shows that this strategy of the Elites is a pattern. The people in the U.S. are in much danger, because if History is repeating, we know that we are being set up as the demons of the planet…like Germany was.

    I wish more people could see this unfolding, but so many are too sound asleep.

    • I feel the same way “They” did it to Russia ..then Germany….and were next.

      We do have a dysfunctional government though. China is not saying anything unrealistic.

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