Scientists may soon be able to ‘cut and paste’ DNA to cure deadly diseases and design perfect babies

Business Insider | November 19, 2015

By Tanya Lewis

“There’s a scarier possibility linked with CRISPR, too: Scientists — or anyone with access to a basic biology lab — could unleash genetic mutations that could spread fairly easily through a population of animals, and the results could be irreversible.”

On a warm September afternoon on the verdant campus of Long Island’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, an elite cadre of scientists gathered to discuss a simple yet incredibly powerful new genetic technology.

Jennifer Doudna was dressed casually in a blazer and jeans, with a scarf tossed gently around her neck to compliment a loose bob of blonde hair. Raised in Hilo, Hawaii, she retains a hint of the friendly islander vibe, even though she’s been recently thrust into the scientific spotlight.

A biochemist at the University of California, Berkeley, Doudna is widely credited as one of the pioneers of a genetic technology that lets scientists tweak the DNA of practically any living creature.

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  1. Messing around with the DNA of biological life-forms has serious and unforeseen consequences. Recently, a genetically modified grass was created by a well known agricultural company. The third generation of grass which came from the first and second generation of this grass was fed to farm animals and they died from organ failure due to the toxicity of the third generation grass they ate. There are plans to use a chipless electronic ink tattoo to deliver a DNA vaccine containing a specific DNA “marker”, a “luciferase enzyme”, a “Biobarcode”, into the human population. This will enable high throughput seamless and ubiquitous biometric/bioelectric psychological screening and physiological diagnostics using a quantum super computer controlled by artificial intelligence. In effect, this technology will literally make the human body part of a “wireless body area network”, or WBAN. Electrical signals generated by the heart and brain will be used to identify each individual as a “node” in the network. Authorization to access the network using any devices will not be possible unless one has this tattoo “on” them. The network will be able to distinquish transformed hosts from untransformed hosts. There are major problems with this technology which are numerous, aside from the biblical ramifications. The electromagnetic frequencies used to communicate with the chipless electronic ink causes cell damage. Also, the substance that the electronic ink is composed of, C-60, is highly toxic as well. Studies have shown that exposure to certain frequencies causes a disruption in the normal electrical charge across cell membranes which rearranges molecules and damages cells. Cell exposure to C-60 causes damage to genes and DNA within the cell causing mutations. Studies on tattoo ink have also shown that the ink migrates from the tattoo site to other parts of the body, especially the lymph nodes. What should be of concern to all though, is how this technology, under the control of an artificial intelligence existing in the ether, will be able to manipulate and control those who alter their DNA in this way. My advice, don’t allow yourself to be marked with this chipless electronic ink tattoo, because the consequences of doing so are eternal.

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