Top U.S. general: ‘We are not trying to destroy ISIS’

WND | November 23, 2015

By Greg Corombos

ISIS can be defeated, but it will take much greater will on the part of President Obama, an exponentially more robust air campaign with more reasonable rules of engagement and Arab ground forces to get the job done, according to retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney.

McInerney spent 35 years in uniform and rose to the role of assistant vice chief of staff, the number three position in the Air Force. He also served as a combat pilot in Vietnam and as vice commander of U.S. Air Forces Europe. He said the first step is for Obama to admit the U.S. currently has no strategy.

“He doesn’t have a strategy and that’s why, 16 months after we started the air campaign, we’re still at it,” said McInerney, who compared America’s current policy of a few sorties a day to what was accomplished back in the Gulf War in 1991.

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4 Comments on "Top U.S. general: ‘We are not trying to destroy ISIS’"

  1. Same retired general was on TV today on FOX News calling for thousands of troops on the ground and 1200 airstrikes per day in Syria to eradicate ISIS. This is strange considering ISIS, the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, was fostered, funded, armed, equipped and trained by the United States, its Gulf allies, Turkey and Israel. This doesn’t make sense unless the real goal is the takeover of Syria as well as Iran by the US, its Gulf allies, Turkey, and Israel, which is exactly what they want to do. Of course, the Moslem Arabic nations, who get all their weapons and equipment from Russia, are not going to sit back while this happens, and neither are the Russian’s who have military bases in Syria, in Crimea, and are amassing forces in eastern Ukraine.

  2. What was accomplished back in the Gulf War in 1991? Watch this video for the answer:

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