China bans ‘original’ news reporting, demanding that only official government propaganda is now legal news

Natural News | July 29, 2016


The piracy capital of the world is cracking down on internet freedom of speech, proposing new guidelines that would censor so-called “original” news reporting that conflicts with state-sanctioned propaganda peddling a different narrative.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) says two major news portals, Inc. and NetEase Inc., have already been ordered to stop publishing articles because they have “seriously violated” China’s existing internet regulations, which apparently prohibit all content that results in “huge negative effects” to the reputation of the state.

It’s the latest attempt by the Chinese government, which only allows state-run media sources to disseminate news, to keep a lid on anything real that might be occurring in the world. Hilariously, two of China’s largest news sources, both run by the government, issued identical, word-for-word notices about the offending “violations,” and how they would be handled.

According to Bloomberg, CAC told the two independent news outlets being targeted to shut down their “current-affairs news” operations on Friday – this, after previously warning another source, known as Tencent QQ, an instant messaging service in China, to do the same thing just days before. WeChat, another Chinese phone and instant messaging service, is also in the censorship cross hairs.