Hungary PM: Muslim refugees “invaders”, Soros “statesman without a state”

Jerusalem Post | Jan. 10, 2018

By Avraham Gold

“With his money, [Soros] supports 60 non-government organizations that support migrants and illegal immigration. This is not about the freedom expression, but national security,” Orban said.

Viktor Orban, Hungarian prime minister and head of the national conservative Fidesz party, called Muslim refugees “invaders” and called Holocaust survivor George Soros a “statesman without a state” during an interview with German newspaper Bild on Tuesday.

Soros was born in Nazi-occupied Budapest in 1930 and survived the Siege of Budapest in 1945.

A July billboard campaign against foreign influence in the country used the image of Soros with the words “Let’s not leave Soros the last laugh.” Some of the posters were glued to the floors of trains, intending on people stepping on his face. The campaign was widely seen as antisemitic.

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