The Best Kept Open Secret of Our Time: Individuals Have Power

Old-Thinker News | Nov 17, 2012

By Daniel Taylor

“…Preserve what little independence, strength, and originality is left to the individual… raise him up vis-a-vis society: these seem to me the the primary goals of lawmakers in the age upon which we are just now embarking.” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – President Barack Obama, July 13, 2012

The age in which we live is an age of ever increasing tyranny over the mind, body and spirit of humanity. The individual human being is not to be trusted. The schools in which he is raised denies his parents the ability to decide what he eats while conditional self esteem is instilled until satisfaction and fulfillment only come with the praise of authority.

At its very beginning America was filled with individuals who sought to escape this grip of despotism. Hereditary titles and tyranny no longer held individuals in artificial societal cages, and people seeking a new life were bound only by limits to endurance and willpower. Intelligence, self respect and character were qualities that anyone could acquire, rising in the ranks of society.

“When hereditary wealth, class privilege  and prerogatives of birth no longer exist and each person draws his strength only from himself, it becomes clear that… anything that serves to fortify, expand, or adorn the intellect immediately takes on great value.” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

Elites recognized this new reality in America and actively sought to regulate the power and potential of individuals. Tools of control that worked under tyrannical forms of government were rendered useless. New, perhaps more subtle means of control needed to be devised. The state’s war against the individual expanded across all spectrum’s of society as the growing web of governmental rules and regulation made individuals timid and dependent.

“As Americans we are justly proud that we have no hereditary titles, but each man is measured by his own personal worth… yet we would not have you imagine that we underestimate the value of a respectable lineage, but it is better to be the originator of a great family than to be the degenerate descendant of one.” – How to get on in the World, 1895

The schooling system in particular has been formed with the specific purpose of reducing the individual’s willpower and self respect, producing willing servants of the state. Charlotte Iserbyt, former head of policy at the Department of Education, documents this fact in her book “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” The Rockefeller’s General Education Board proudly announced in its 1906 “Occasional letter number 1” that,

“In our dreams…people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions [intellectual and character education]… We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply.”

An 1895 book titled “How to Get on in the World” reflects the once common knowledge that excessive intervention and regulation in young people’s development will hinder growth. Self-respect, one of the foundations for intellectual growth, cannot be cultivated in this environment.

“The growth of these qualities may be encouraged by accustoming young people to rely upon their own resources, leaving them to enjoy as much freedom of action in early life as is practicable. Too much guidance and restraint hinder the formation of habits of self-help.”

This type of education is completely alien to a society grown accustom to modern schooling; Especially when mothers are questioned by social services and even jailed for allowing their children to play in their own yard unsupervised.

When psychopathic individuals inject themselves into positions of power, they need to recruit fellow deviants or face the scrutiny of decent human beings. The tipping point of pure corruption happens when good people are forced out of the system due to a crisis of conscience or by brute force.

Here’s the key: Corrupt power is housed on a pile of sand; vulnerable on all sides. When the power centers of our society are rotting out, we can build ourselves and our families on a firm foundation. You may feel powerless when looking at the global scene, but the influence you have on yourself and the people in your immediate circle is without question. You have power and immense untapped ability.

The state’s claim to godhood does not make it so. It will try to make you feel small. If you didn’t have incredible potential, the establishment would not have taken measures to stifle your growth.



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  1. read article,s on the book pone logy

  2. “We the people” can take back our power when enough people decide they’ve had enough of those who are using the property and right of “we the people” to feather their own nests.

    Legislators & executive office holders are busy raising money for themselves rather than working for the people.

    Judges and top employees of government agencies have come to believe that they are above the law as well. Judges everywhere are brazenly legislating from the bench. It is Judges heading up loosely formed criminal organizations, with judicial immunity & other political favors are being promised & granted to top employees of other govt agencies & businesses who will DIVERT the property & rights of private citizens & business – who come before the court – to the illegal benefit of the Judge & his “friends”.

    Judges are routinely meeting with attorneys behind closed doors to decide most cases before the case actually goes to trial. Then at time of trial it is 2 different versions of the JUDGE’S case that is presented by the attorneys. Client’s no longer have their day in court to present THEIR case. The outcome has been “arranged” in the judicial chambers, without the actual case of the client’s EVER being made a part of the Court records. It’s out and out fraud being perpetrated BY the Court rather than on the Court.

    The “mob” is no longer involved in the gambling industry. It’s moved on to using the Court’s as their “front” – to try and legitimize the theft & laundering of stolen property and rights. Those who are granted judicial immunity are openly bragging about being able to “give money” – that they receive to hold in trust for the owner – – to whoever they want.

    Those with judicial immunity (cops, govt. employees) hunt where ever they wish without a permit. And all those under the “judicial crime umbrella” help to cover up the crimes of all the others under that Judge’s umbrella.

    It’s true – and it’s easy to evidence. Being loosely formed, it is a house of card that will fall at the first investigation. There’s weak links everywhere. People who got involved that are honest people who never wanted to be part of anything illegal. But those who they are to go report the crimes to – – are themselves involved. So these “weak links” risk loosing their occupations and their ability to take care of their families if they rock the boat.

    It remains. the people have the power to stop it – – to throw out every dishonest judge and politician – – if there gets to be enough people who decide they’ve had enough of it.

  3. if we do not pray we will miss it ; praying with music lights it up .;praying as worship with the truth to arm us raises the standard to keep our eyes on ;and his banner over us is love.looking on thoses things unseen ,while running this race without the weight and the sin that easialy besets-through a troop over the wall fitting the bow of bronze with arrows of light -new creaturehood expounded for the clans to be named and hopes for white stones with names written on ;portion of the Morning star arayed in our armor of light and shields so inside polished like mirror finish where the stillwaters rest aand we intently look into this perfect law of liberty … keep up the good work

  4. Antoine Levesque | November 20, 2012 at 8:07 pm |

    (sorry for my bad english, french is my first language)
    I know we lived in a “nanny state” …. GouverneMaman (instead of Gouvernement) we say in French in the wounderfull Province ofQuebec (prononce Kay Beck) … and it deprive us of a lot of things like good health and not beeing a slave with work just for paying debts and everything
    … but any kind of human society NEED a form of Gouvernment …. here in Canada, the real head of the country is the Queen of England ! ….
    but if we are in trouble everywhere in the planet its only because of normal people …..
    and I blame only the people who are actually doing the stupid things government told them to do like that :
    I dont blame (wel not a lot) the Ingeneer behind that, but all the Workers, thats right, ALL of them are guilty of doing stupid things … and the worst of all that : they are normal people, with family and everything … they, the guilty workers, are the real source of problems !
    but we preferd to blame it on something call the goverment ….its anonymous … its not alive … it doesnt have feelings … who by the way is form with people, with family and everything ….
    you will say : he or she will lost its job if he dont do what is told to ! ….
    if, and only if we try for real we will “win” ….
    but it will be a win against us ….
    here in Quebec we have a commission on Bribe scandals and the different Mafias of Montreal (biggest city in the province, 3,5 M habs) who controls construction and Public Works … yet 2 Mayors quit, and its only the begening … and the cost of Public Works have drop 20 to 40% over the last 2 years …..
    so we cant make a difference … by starting with us and not approuved of the misconduct of our step brothers or your dirty cousin in city hall …
    not by voting, not by boycoting companies (whom give job to normal people with family and everything )
    but by step-up against your Dad, your Uncle , your Union guy who told you to work less hard and your step-brothers and your dirty cosins in city hall …
    its start with reforming a system ? no ! it start by reforming your house, than your street, then your neighborhood , then your town or city …
    but it ALL start in your home ….
    I think …
    by the way my cynism come from years of Cab driving in a goverment city 😉

  5. Rev. Richard Prichard | November 20, 2012 at 7:19 pm |

    More of the labor of the world is created by machines. If you feel powerless, it is because you don’t have the education or wealth to control this technological capital. If you don’t understand the nature of reality, others will control you for their own purposes.

  6. Antoine Levesque | November 20, 2012 at 7:17 pm |

    “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – President Barack Obama, July 13, 2012 …
    you probably never watch the complete speach to site only that part …. just seeing that make me stop reading your article, waste of time, your not well informed …. YOU have been brainwach to cite only that part of a speach and ther goes your creds … sorry

    • oldthinkernews | November 20, 2012 at 7:33 pm |

      Sure, the quote is an excerpt from a larger speech. The article does not hinge on it. It is used as a reflection of the undeniable common belief in the collective that is the driving spirit of our governing class. I certainly don’t have all the answers, Antoine, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve done my homework. Don’t sell yourself short. Take some inspiration – if you’ve found any – from the article and leave the rest.

  7. NoNameWorker | November 20, 2012 at 3:17 pm |

    An other BS being told to you is that, we have become dependent on the government to take care of us. Not true.. We have grown dependent on technology not government…

    Your being told your lazy and not willing to take care of yourself. Your being told be a man stand up be self reliant! be a MAN.. Right ? we hear this every where..
    That lazy 47% that wants to get all the freebees…

    In reality most all of us would not be able to be self reliant as our forefathers were able to do. Though the elites really want you to believe this..

    We are kind of like most of today’s dog breads. Without the human to feed them most breads would die off quickly physically and intellectually unable to survive off nature do to years of manipulation by the owners.

    Like the dogs, without modern technology You would have little to no chance of being self sufficient. Ok macho men, how about grand maw, the kids? Do you have the free land to farm the herds of wild deer elk to hunt? Hunt with what? a rock? spear? Got a license. And if you were lucky enough to have the land the wild game what standard of living would you have? How long would your life span be 40?

    Today we are DEPENDENT on the technology to survive just as most dogs are now dependent on humans. Today you can not survive without money you can not stay warm without electricity. NO FREE RESOURCE..How about a mailing address a phone… To get any of these you are DEPENDENT on either a job or if no employment is to be found your to old to dumb or the wrong color you are dependent on you! Good luck begging in the streets or robbing to eat… You lack the FREE resources of the 1850’s .. land water game… What can you legally do to survive today? Are you able to live in a log cabin without modern medical supplies like antibiotics.. Please WakeTFUP… look around…

    What are you going to when technology finds how to cure predisposed disease, when they find the gene to make you smarter faster taller…when they find the genetic clock that makes you age?

    I can tell you what will happen if we don’t start socializing required technologies please just think here..

    If you cant afford to have your children’s genetics modified they will be UN-insurable, thus not worth the cost of education or employable. Two species of humans will evolve the longer lived, bigger, smarter, faster, then dumb slow YOU!

    Quit blaming your neighbor who got 200 dollars in food stamps to survive in today’s modern world, quit thinking that other neighbor who has a job makes too much money for what he does. Look The POOR DONT HAVE YOUR MONEY! If the did they would not be poor…

    Great wealth is not destroyed it just changes hands…. Your wealth has transferred but not to the poor..iD10t its the RICH that have got 400% richer the last decade… FK!!!! How stupid are you all…!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your just lazy go get a job… in the highest unemployment scene the 1930’s. drives me crazy really DUMB DUMB DUMB….

    The elites know of limited resource and fully understand that the capitalistic system requires constant growth that a finite world can not supply…

    Here is their plan this is where the far right meets the tree huggers at the top of the pyramid.

    They plan more and more for them and way fewer of YOU… Your not needed masses of labor to build the pyramid just are not needed today… The elites no longer fear the masses as in days gone by.. Technology has secured their position… They have you fighting you neighbor for a smaller and smaller piece of the pie…


  8. Sam DiCamillo | November 20, 2012 at 3:14 pm |

    To Don Uber,
    you are circumventing the issue.
    The point being WHAT the kids are being brainwashed with.
    My parents did not know the names of my teachers either, other when my mom was called to school in the spring of 1955, when my tenth grade counselor revealed to her that I had the been tested with the highest IQ in the Wayne county (Detroit when it was stil a civilized world-class metropolis)school system.
    Anyway aside from that triviality, the whole ( my) point is not about any kind of “Interaction” between parents and schools, rather it being that the teachers today are, in the huge majority, a bunch of leftist loonies, who are Hell bent upon destroying America as we, know it, along with the DC crazies who have been re-installed, in order to move : “Forwards” along the voyage of our once great country to oblivion.
    Oh yeah I am posting from Europe, and I know what I am talking about regarding the “Road to oblivion”, as far as nations go, Greece and Spain are an hours flight from my location.

  9. Yea, this education system brainwashes our children into meek, docile, non-thinking compliant servents of our overloards….Says the man as he rouses up his children from their 1hr pre-school tv session and drops them off at the public school where he doesn’t even know his kids teachers names. Later he brings them home for their until-bedtime tv session while he surfs the internet and scholds the kids for interupting him. Wait a minute…..”excessive intervention and regulation in young people’s development will hinder growth. Self-respect, one of the foundations for intellectual growth, cannot be cultivated in this environment.” Well, now I don’t know what to think.

    • Sam DiCamillo | November 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm |

      To Don Uber,
      you are circumventing the issue, and that being : WHAT the kids are being indoctrinated with, and not the lack of interaction between parents and the schools.
      My parents did not know the names of my teachers either, except when my Mom was called to school in the spring of 1955, when my counselor informed her that I had been tested with the highest IQ in the Wayne county school system, and this when Detroit was still a civilized world-class metropolis.
      Anyway aside from that triviality, the real problem is that our total edumacation system has been infiltrated and subverted by armies of leftist loonies, who are hell-bent on destroying America as we know it, just as the re-installed ones in DC who will now progress :”Forward” with the voyage to oblivion for our once great nation.
      Oh yeah I am posting from Europe and I acutely aware of how this “Road to oblivion” functions.

  10. Their is a book titled “Crises In The Classroom” The Remaking of American Education by Charles E. Silberman. This book investigates what is wrong with the present structure of the classroom.A must read for anyone who has children in school. People have been inundated with so much authoritarianism it makes one want to puke, this book will help get it up. Originally Mr. Silberman wanted the book to be titled Murder in the Classroom. The publisher would not have it.

  11. * an old adage for the 1st comment/Brian

    “Distrust those that have found (absolute) ‘truth’…
    -trust those that still seek it.”

  12. iapetus ducq | November 20, 2012 at 1:36 pm |

    Insightful comments. A rather wise man (Solomon) wrote extensively in his treatise (Ecclesiastes)that it is simply impossible to know the beginning from the end. Designed that way. What option does that leave? To understand the process. Mayhaps only jazz players are qualified to be politicians : )

  13. If you want your child to develop into an independent thinker and learner, make sure that he or she enrolls in a school band or orchestra program at an early age. When a child learns to play an instrument they soon come to the realization that they actually taught themselves to play. With that they realize that they can learn to do anything. Public school instrumental programs are highly successful in this country. If you don’t believe it go hear your state’s All State band or orchestra. You probably won’t believe what you hear if you are not already involved in a school instrumental program. These programs produce students who are highly successful in life because they have learned how to acquire skills and knowledge on their own terms.

    • Sam DiCamillo | November 20, 2012 at 1:00 pm |

      To Rick Kimmel,
      As a lifetime Jazz performer I can only say dittos to your insightful message.
      However the ominous problem at hand is of a far greater covert nature, and that being the total indoctrination and brainwashing of kids today from kindergarten through to the universities in nothing but leftist lunacy,the disgusting election results being the result thereof.
      And this coming from someone, a musician, who is almost expected to have “Democrat” stamped on his BC.

  14. The tool of control of the masses used by the elites was government. The King was government, but this power was easily subject to the masses. The power was easily identified by the masses and always had to tread lightly. The signing if the Magna Carta in 1215 is proof of the power of the masses and how the ruling elites had to concede to it.

    Today the elites have learned and today are projecting their power and control through a creation of monarchical government, the Corporation.

    New to the seen Corporations have no obligation but to profit it owners. Today we are sold the idea Government is responsible to the people.

    Today’s elites are no longer in the spotlight as when the Kings ruled. Today they hide behind the val of the Corporation.

    Government power is subverted by corporate interest or the interest if its owners.. Corporations are people too BS has Government again the tool of the king/ the elite.

    THINK….. You have no free speech if you want a JOB!

  15. one of the first things that must happen is to look up from texting and e- mailing long enough to notice that we still live in a physical world .Social integrity begins with people interacting face to face not in the”ether”.It is imperative that we focus on the finality of the repercussions associated with giving up autonomy and self-reliance in favour of the “nanny state”.One sinking ship cannot save another,so let’s put our own house in order before we try to “save the world”

  16. Banker$ rule us now. What else have they done?
    9/11, US and Israel:

  17. We have always had the power of control over our lives, but have given up this power to become dependent on the government to take care of us. We have sold our souls for a few material luxuries.

    To regain our individual power can easily boycott those things that make us into slaves (Black Friday, government control etc).

    Individualism is all within us. Great article!! Thanks.

  18. There are a million of them and 7.5 billion of us. All we need to do is find our balls.

  19. Certain individuals have the power to kill with pure thought. When enough people discover this, U.S. government terrorists will be rapidly killed by the thousands.

    Yes, they are VERY afraid of you.


  20. Shit! The last sentence says it all:

    “If you didn’t have incredible potential, the establishment would not have taken measures to stifle your growth”.


    • Yes indeed. This point was brought to my attention a couple years ago by a very good friend.

      This system we’re raised in pulls our teeth ‘n claws and traps/dumbs-down our minds. Leaving little to chance, their efforts begin within minutes of our birth with injections of poison and tagging with a number.

  21. What good will power do when you lacked the truth/reality behind the empowerment? Afterall, when you have the knowledge but not its empowerment, you’ll then merely end up trying to own the knowledge, the MO of Humanity being of Ownership Issues. As in being mesmerised by Religion & Religiosity, A Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the only One who profits from Disagreement. On the other hand, when you have the power but do not know what the power is meant for, you will not be able to handle the power. Witness “nuclear power” or nuclear fissile power, to be exact. Within Reality/Divinity, Empowerment is via Sharing and Unity whereas within Relativity/Humanity, Empowerment is via Exclusivity & /Division, harnessing nuclear fusion being an elusive goal.

    As such, to make sense of anything, you need to have The Beginning AND The Ending. Something which elude preachers and re-presentatives like “coaches” and other whathaveyous deeply into minting, mining and enslaving “Others”. That is for Humanity, oka Relativity. For Reality/Divinity, there is no such thing as The Beginning and/or The Ending because Truth-Love has always been and always will be there – that of Absoluteness – Divinity not being of Religon & Religiosity but of Absoluteness. Then, reality/Reality is The Timing and not The Time, or The Heart/Depth and not The Brain/Width.

    As all budding or seasoned “intelligence operatives” know only too well, when you suppress/deny the beginning and/or the ending, truth is then partial. Then information is merely to disinform or misinform. And humans are actually mesmerised into believing that they have enough to, “vote”, “democratise”, “save”, “care” and the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense fronting as Reality?

    Truth/Reality not only preserves and sustains that which is absolute/evolutionary, but It is Absoluteness/Evolution. The duty of every true human is to become one, there being those who only looked human [but they are neither lizards nor aliens]. How will any human realise this fact? To be empowered by [and thence becoming a part of] Absoluteness. And that is where true humanity comes in for without Depth, oka heart Development, and only focussing on Width, oka Brain Development, a human will never realise Conscience other than the lack of conscience which he then over-compensates by acting overly-conscienced, Over being Under expressed with Under being Over suppressed when it comes to the dual natured human, of which 9.99% humans are, a figure generous to a fault with the quest of some, oka The Stupid, being to persuade others into believing that they are singularly natured. And The Dumb do believe, being of Abandoment [of their heart because they are prone to giving away their heart willy-nilly, the heart being there for Depth and not anyone’s for giving away/liberalising], Abandoment being Control expressed with Control being Abandoment suppressed. Afterall, ALL Control Freaks would like to control others but never themselves, such is the Abandonment. A Simplicity which Eludes.

    There are 3 levels to Existence, namely The Truly Living, The Living-but-Dead, and The Stone Dead. Evolution is about the middlings, humans, The Living-[but-]Dead, evolving into The Living, the failure of which will be devolving into the ranks[/to becoming Tag-Alongs] of The Stone Dead. Archaic and simple as this may sound/seem, it is The Reality. But that elucidation is for another moment. Reality is not about being faithful in/of The Emotional, The Material or The Intellectual but about becoming-being Of faith Of The Spiritual, the 4th dimensionality within every true human. As such, Reality is first about switching-on one’s spirituality and thence having been presented with the real choice, choosing between The Living and The Stone Dead. Simple and archaic, of course. Within Reality/Divinity, Truth precedes Love whereas within Relativity/Humanity, [Em]Power[ment] precedes Knowledge. Afterall, no manual is required in order to see, breathe or digest but to damage and destroy, reading and imbibing The Manual is a pre-requisite, there being no such a thing as true destruction if only because only those who are able to create are able to then truly destroy. A Simplicity which Eludes The Stupid-Dumb as they seek to damage and destroy others under a myriad of justifications, excuses and relativities. Starting with the knowledge which lacks a beginning and preferrably lacking an ending too, the conspiratorial being those who have too much knowledge but do not know how to be truly empowered [in addition to lacking the meand for validating the knowledge] whilst the wilfully ignorant lives in the cloud buoyed by Abandonment, “Cos life is for living”. Right on, buoss man, demm buossman are always soo dumb because they were stoopid.

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