DARPA And Their Robot Army Are Coming For Your ‘Memes’

American Conservative | Feb 23, 2013

By Jordan Bloom

The struggle for control and ownership of information is the constant, unending war of our time, wrapped up in commerce, innovation and a human desire to connect. By leveraging that information for profit, the information barons of the 21st century have managed to build an unprecedentedly interconnected world of convenience and choice. But it has also opened the door to censorship, propaganda and the exploitation of a person’s private information.

For companies like Google and Facebook, especially Facebook, their value lies precisely in that information and their ability to monetize it. Witness Google’s new privacy policy that harmonizes data across all their applications to build a unified user profile. (An aside; the same thing is happening in politics too.) Put another way, these companies are extremely sensitive to the way Big Data is regulated. Facebook’s value recently topped $100 billion ahead of its IPO filing this year, a value that consists for the most part in the largest pool of consumer data ever compiled by mankind.

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  1. Why is it that there aren’t very many people posting on this website? Not very popular, or what? Gathering information, perhaps?

  2. Has it dawned on anyone yet that this “data” will be used to determine the appropriate feedback to be Fed to those who’re being manipulated and controlled in the “hive mind”? Just imagine how people in the Hive Mind can be Fed data in order to “cause” them to, oh, I don’t know, kill someone who doesn’t want to play their “games”! Oh, by the way, any of you think video “games” aren’t being used to program those playing them to carryout a “role” being played in the games? WAKE UP!

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