Post Election Unrest: All Based On False Narratives

Old-Thinker News | November 16, 2016

By Daniel Taylor

Here’s a simple boil-down; The mainstream media – with the help of George Soros – created the racist, sexist, bigot narrative surrounding Donald Trump. It is poison injected into our veins that was designed to divide us.

Unfortunately, real racists and bigots on both sides have attached their personal identity to this false narrative surrounding Trump. These easily manipulated people are following a script that they believe is their own.

Liberals are horrified that he is going to electrocute gays and place all Mexicans in concentration camps. Some of them are responding by burning buildings and rioting.

Other individuals on the right of the political spectrum actually think that Trump is racist and are promoting this “fact” by proclaiming Trump is furthering the cause of white supremacy.

Another group is faking racist attacks altogether. Leftist students at Northwestern University were charged with painting a swastika and “Trump” on the campus church.

The reality is this: These individuals are acting out based on a false narrative. It is pure poison. Reject it completely or it will eat our nation alive.

2 Comments on "Post Election Unrest: All Based On False Narratives"

  1. Lots of heated rhetoric spewed at his transition team. Are they neocons? Yes. But are they racists? I don’t think they are acting on any more racial animus than Obama’s cabal. I don’t think there is evidence of that. There is a lot of conjecture and hand-wringing from the faux-left, but there’s no proof of what the allege.

  2. Looking at his transition team, and cabinet picks are not fake

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