After Infowars Purge, Shopify Bans Sale of Semi-Auto and 3D-Printed Guns

Old-Thinker News | Aug. 17, 2018

By Daniel Taylor

After the Canadian based e-commerce firm Shopify pulled services from Alex Jones‘ Infowars, the service is now moving to ban the sale of guns.

As Big Tech cracks down on alternative media, Shopify is banning the sale of “semi-automatic firearms, silencers, grenades, rocket launchers and 3D-printed guns”.

From CBS:

“Canadian online-store provider Shopify is prohibiting the sale of many types of guns and ammunition, saying that “solely deferring to the law” no longer works amid political gridlock and the internet’s rapid pace.

In an update of its rules earlier this week, the Ottawa-based e-commerce giant, which services more than 600,000 small businesses, banned merchants from using its technology to sell weapons including semi-automatic firearms, silencers, grenades, rocket launchers and 3D-printed guns.

“From time to time, Shopify reviews and amends the terms, conditions and policies governing the use of our platform. We have recently amended our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to restrict the sale of certain firearms and parts on our platform,” the company stated in an email. “As we continue to scale globally, we may further refine our policies as needed.”

This is another move that is signaling a de-facto Chinese style social credit system creeping into the United States. If you don’t agree with leftist ideology, your business, reputation and livelihood are on the line.

Big Tech absorbed around 90% of internet traffic through Google, Facebook and Twitter. The giants are moving to hand users over to Chinese and EU style regulation.