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Black Civil Rights Icon: The Problem is Blacks Killing Other Blacks, Not the Confederate Flag

Infowars | June 30, 2015

By Paul Joseph Watson

Black civil rights icon and former Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young says that debate over the Confederate flag is a divisive non-issue which completely distracts from the real problem – the fact that 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks.

Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

The Daily Caller | June 21, 2015

By Christian Datoc

Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” the only way to stop gun-related violence, like the Wednesday massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S.C., was to repeal American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

5 Bullets to Save 1,000 People From 4 Terrorists

Infowars | June 21, 2015

Interview with man who used personal firearm to save crowd from armed terrorists

Charleston Shooting: Liberals Call for Disarming All White People

Infowars | June 18, 2015

By Paul Joseph Watson

Liberals reacted to the tragic shooting at an Episcopal Church in Charleston last night by calling for an immediate gun ban in order to disarm all white people.

Researchers Predicted In 1971 that Debit Cards Would Become the Ultimate Spy Tool

Washington’s Blog | May 23, 2015

“They imagined an electronic funds transfer system, or EFTS—a system that looks strikingly similar to the debit card system we all use today.”

Morality, Religion and Experimenting on You

Huffington Post | June 4, 2015

By Robert Klitzman, M.D

To help their soldiers on the front, Nazi physicians sawed off the limbs of concentration camp prisoners and then tried to reattach these body parts, but failed. Other prisoners were forced into the snow to measure how long it took for them to freeze to death.

Video: Marines Practice Subduing Citizens Inside Internment Camp

Infowars | May 14, 2015

By Paul Joseph Watson

Alarming video footage from a U.S. Marines training drill which took place in Arizona last month shows armed troops chasing down unruly citizens inside a mock internment camp while role players chant for food and water.