Russia, Syria, Middle East: Is the U.S. losing its ability to sway allies?

CNN | April 28, 2014

Comment From Old-Thinker News: Could the real story here be that awareness of flase flags and staged events has become injected into popular culture?

By Dana Davidsen

President Barack Obama’s sweep through Asia has been peppered with one international crisis after another and has left critics questioning whether the United States is losing its footing abroad.

Noting the ongoing mess in Syria, Russia’s power stance on the border of Ukraine, and the breakdown of progress toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, CNN’s Candy Crowley asked lawmakers and White House officials on Sunday – where does the United States stand?

“Right now, worldwide, our enemies don’t fear us, our friends don’t trust us. And when we show weakness, it emboldens people around the world who are our enemies, whether they are in Iran, Syria, Russia or North Korea,” said Sen. John Barrasso

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