Steel industry foresees high-tech future with fewer workers

NWI Times | October 12, 2015


In the future, the steel industry could be higher tech, with more robots and fewer workers.

Industry leaders see the steel business evolving over the coming decade. Change could come fast and it could be painful.

U.S. Steel Chief Executive Officer Mario Longhi chaired a panel discussion on Manufacturing the Future: The Next Era of Global Growth at the World Steel Association’s annual conference at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Hotel Sunday. Panelists talked extensively about robots taking over manufacturing jobs, but said technological advances could also create new positions such as for digital mechanical engineers, data scientists and business operations data analysts.

“You said we will have three billion people that will be deriving their income in the future in some shape or form,” Longhi said. “The advancement of technology to a very high degree has inhibited job creation. How could countries figure out a way to bridge that gap, which could lead to a very significant social change?”

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