Friday April 18th 2014

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The Scientific Dictatorship and the Future of Humanity

We are at a critical juncture in history. A technological revolution is unfolding that is anticipated to alter humanity forever. We are witnessing the rise of tyrannical global governance and the fall of America. Elites around the world are keenly aware of the importance of the historical time we are living in. They want to be masters of the future. What will you do?

Shadow Behind the Throne: A Brief Overview of the New World Order

This video covers a small portion of foundational information regarding the Anglo-American establishment.

John Taylor Gatto: On Life and Education

Easily managed people make for an easy day for the elite of society. Incomplete, predictable people are the products of forced schooling. Ironically, we owe a great deal of credit for building our current society and schooling system to individuals who were dropouts. Some of these elites were John D. Rockefeller Sr.(high school dropout), Andrew Carnegie (elementary school dropout) and others.

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education

In this 1991 interview, former school teacher John Taylor Gatto talks about the difference between “schooling” through public schools and true education. What really matters? Does “Schooling” as we know it today create whole human beings?

Population Control: The Eugenics Connection

Has eugenics faded away with time, or has the pseudo science morphed and cloaked itself under new auspices? Were some of the original founders of population control efforts themselves eugenicists? How and when did eugenicists shift from Galton era ideals to Malthusian population control?

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