Wearable Tech: Keeping It Close to the Chest

Wired | March 18, 2014

By Eric Chiu

Wearable technology will generate more confidential data than ever before. But will it stay secure?

Remember how, just a few years ago, something called “the cloud” was generating a whole lot of buzz? There were competing predictions about where the market was headed, and even over what ‘cloud’ meant. Today, well. . .we all know how it turned out. We know the cloud is where mountains of data on each of us resides, with more going there each day.

Every piece of wearable computing that comes down the pike, finds an audience, and gets integrated into our everyday lives, will generate data. Lots and lots of data. The software in the onesie, the chip in the watch, the fitness tracker on the wristband, the heart monitor in the T-shirt, the camera in the headset — these are all destined to become spigots of personal information. Social media is an infant compared to the huge data these channels will generate.

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