The #1 LIE You’ve Been Told All Your Life

Infowars | October 12, 2015

For too long have we been told my the media and political figureheads that we aren’t powerful or smart enough to change the world. It is the biggest deception that many millions continue to believe.

You are powerful enough to be a part of changing the world for the better.


3 Comments on "The #1 LIE You’ve Been Told All Your Life"

  1. The ideology these two men are in support of is based on a system of doctrine, a system of morality, a way of thinking that is opposed to the authority of Most High God, opposed to the doctrine of Christ, and opposed to the Holy Spirit. There are “many” who espouse this ideology, in fact, way more human beings support this way of thinking than not. This can be readily ascertained when responding with comments in support of God’s authority, the doctrine of Christ, and the Holy Spirit on many websites or social networks these men, and others use. I no longer make comments on their websites or social networks because it is quite obvious what “spirit” they represent, and its certainly NOT the Holy Spirit of the Most High God. This “spirit”, and those who worship and serve it, have been in this world for a long, long, time but, time grows short. The day of Judgment is much closer than you all think!

  2. The arrogance of man is astounding!

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