Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country

Time | June 26, 2015


Throughout the early Middle Ages, Benedict’s communities formed monasteries, and kept the light of faith burning through the surrounding cultural darkness. Eventually, the Benedictine monks helped refound civilization.

I believe that orthodox Christians today are called to be those new and very different St. Benedicts. How do we take the Benedict Option, and build resilient communities within our condition of internal exile, and under increasingly hostile conditions? I don’t know. But we had better figure this out together, and soon, while there is time.

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2 Comments on "Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country"

  1. lannyboy1 | July 6, 2015 at 11:16 pm |

    True servants of Christ have been “exiles” in this corrupt world for quite some time. They have been hated, persecuted, imprisoned, and killed ever since the time Christ was here on this earth in the flesh, and afterward, right up to today. Orthodox Christian’s need to understand that America and its government was not in any way based upon the “Christian Religion”, and George Washington even said so!

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